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Brij Festival

Brij Festival

Brij Festival in India

Located in the Bharatpur district is the region of Brij. The Brij festival is celebrated with a lot of vigour in the Brig region, therefore its name. Also known as Brij Mahotsav, this festival is spread over a period of three days. The main reason behind this festival is to honour and celebrate the noble thoughts of Lord Krishna. It is celebrated just a few days before Holi, which is the massive festival of colours celebrated across India. 

Brij Festival Date:

Brij Festival Date 2017- 07 March to 08 March

Brij Festival Date 2018- 25 February to 26 February

Brij Festival Date 2019- 16 March to 17 March

Brij Festival Date 2020- 05 March to 06 March

Brij Festival Date 2021- 24 March to 25 March

Brij Festival Date 2022- 13 March to 14 March

Insight in to the festival of Brij  

During the festival all the devotees assemble at the popular Sri Radha Krishnaji’s Temple in the morning. After which all of them bathe in the Ghats of the Banganga River. The eve of the Bharatpur Brij Festival is adorned by folk dances and happy music. The traditions and culture of Rajasthan has been kept intact with this festival being religiously celebrated every year. Brij Festival is a must visit if one is in Rajasthan during the month of February. Brij Festival is a very popular festival of Rajasthan. It is celebrated with a lot of interest and enthusiasm in this region whereby Lord Krishna is remembered through devotional songs, paintings, pictures, sculptures and engravings. This festival is incomplete with dances. The Phad or a painted ballad is recited by villagers in couples. The folk dances have been kept alive through Brij. No matter what caste or creed one belongs too, this festival brings everyone together. With everyone in colored clothes, the village painted in different colours and romance in the air through the Lord Krishna and Radha’s romance depiction, everyone in the village has a glorious time these three days.

Colorful and attractive festival in India

Considering the Brig Festival to be a major festival of Rajasthan, people from all across the world come to witness this happy festival. It is celebrated by localities and also tourists with great zest. The festival usually takes place in the month of February where the villagers are said to welcome spring with a lot of colours. The main attraction in these three days is the Rasila performances. All the villagers dress up in multicolour and bright attire and perform the Rasila which is the eternal love story of Radha and Lord Krishna. The entire village looks forward to this celebration where everybody has their spirits high and the village is lit by multicolour hue.


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