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Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christmas Day –A Festival of Joy and Brotherhood
Christmas is important festival for all the Christians all over the world. Whether it is Europe, Africa or South-East Asia, everyone welcome this festival with great celebration and enjoyment. It is the birthday of Jesus Christ on which Christians celebrate on December 25th and the occasion is, therefore, a very joyous one. People from all religion join their Christian friends to participate in the event and to make a joyous environment everywhere. The festival conveys Jesus message of love, brotherhood and tolerance. The festival is the celebration of mankind and humanity. It has special significance in everyone Christian’s life.

Significance of Christmas Day
The Christmas day is widely celebrated to commemorate the birthday of Lord Jesus or the birth of Christ. It is celebrated all over the world and marks an important occasion that holds special importance in their life. According to the Roman calendar, the birth of Jesus somewhere between the 2BC and 7BC and later it was declared by the Pope Julius to be celebrate on the 25th December. There are many different traditions and customs as to why and how Christmas day should be celebrate depending on the people from different regions. Mother Mary was told to give a birth to special baby called as Annunciation on 25th March. After nine months on 25th December Mother Mary gave birth to the Christ.

Preparations for Christmas day
In every part of the world, Christmas day is celebrated with great fervour and dedication. In Christian’s houses, preparations for the day begin a month in advance. People wash their homes and indulge in cleaning of the house to create a fresh look of the house during the festive season. You will find cakes, pastries and other kinds of traditional sweets prepared in home. They prepare authentic food that is loved by all. People of all age actively participate in organizing events in the Church. They also help in order to decorate their respective churches to welcome the Christmas day.

Celebrations on this auspicious day
Christians visit church for the masses and other Church related activities organized by the community. The rituals is been followed by the Christmas cakes, Carol, balls on the Christmas, decorating Christmas trees and exchanging sumptuous food. People also present gifts and sweets to their dear and close one. Some of them donate it to the need people of the church. Others arrange free meals for the poor. In every church one member becomes the Santa Claus to distribute the gifts and sweets.

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