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English New Year

New Year, English Calander New Year, New Year celebrated all around the world.

In various cultures, religions and regions, first day of the calendar year is celebrated as New Year. Today, the world follows Georgian calendar and that perhaps, is the main reason why the entire world- irrespective of geography, cast and creed- gets drenched in massive New Year celebrations. It’s been long that Georgian calendar has been adopted by people and is used for all official purposes worldwide. However, regional calendars are still in use in various cultures and they have their own New Year dates, for example China and India.


The day marks end of the previous year and start of a new one with new hopes, promises and dreams.  As we step into a new year, we are one year older, a little bit more experienced, a little more mature and surely ready to live to the fullest. With New Year celebration, we usher in another year and make promises to ourselves to keep, forgetting the old ones.
The day serves the right occasion for people around the globe to set new goals and resolutions and motivates them to forget the bitter memories of the past. People indulge in New Year’s eve celebrations with renewed energy and excitement. This day inspires and reminds us to wipe off old grievances and start life afresh with a new vision, hope and optimism. 

Time of Celebration

English New Year is celebrated all around the world on every first of January according to the Georgian calendar. People all over the globe get holiday on this very occasion of new year to indulge in celebrations.

Major Celebrations

The expansion of western culture (British and European) in many colonies has made New Year a festival of the world and not just of the Britain or Europe. New Year Eve celebrations take place all around the world. Lavish and grand New Year celebrations take place in UK and the rest of the Europe, Australia, America, China, India and so many other parts of the world. Fireworks and performances by musicians, singers, and dancers are some of the events that take place at every nook and corner. 

For some people, it is party time and for the other it is time for vacation with family. Everyone waits for this day eagerly and prepares to welcome the coming year with vigour and liveliness. Tourist places get flocked with people and the entire world seems in party mood. People have gala time with their near and dear ones and even gifts are exchanged to wish happiness in the days to come.


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