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Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan, Holika Dahan Festival, Holika Dahan Hindus Festival.

Holika Dahan –The Evening to Kill Devils

Holika Dahan is one of the important festivals in India which falls in the month of Falgun. The day is also called as “Chotti Holi” in some parts of India. This day is celebrated with huge enthusiasm by burning bonfire and on the next day people play with Holi colours to make it a memorable one. This festival is not only celebrated by Hindus, even people from other caste actively participate in this festival to enjoy the divine love of God and Goddess and to escape from devil spirits around. 

Holika Dahan Festival Dates:

Holika Dahan Date 2017- 12 March

Holika Dahan Date 2018- 01 March

Holika Dahan Date 2019- 21 March

Holika Dahan Date 2020- 09 March

Holika Dahan Date 2021- 28 March

Holika Dahan Date 2022- 18 March

Story of Holika Dahan

The myth says that this day is celebrate to burn the devil spirits and to won the good wills. Holi is also related to divine love of Radha Krishna. It is also believed that Holika Dahan is related with the Holika, Prahlad and Hrinyakasypa. The legend says that there was a time when a grumpy king Hrinyakasypa used to force all people to make him his devotees. He used to kill and beat people just to make them bend on his knees. He was trying to eliminate the existence of God in order to show his fear among the people. All people of the village were forcefully made to worship him and not to Vishnu. Fortunately, his son name Prahalada never worshiped him as the King. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. However, king implemented various activities to stop his son for worshipping Vishnu but he never succeeded.

The King Hrinyakasypa was frustrated and so he decided to kill his own son. To make this plan more successful, he called his demon sister name Holika. The sister was blesses with fire free. She had a bless that fire could not burn her. So the kind decided to allow his son to sit on Holika’s lap. Prahalada was saved from the fire due to the Lord Vishnu’s blessings, whereas Holika was burned to ashes. The day of burning Holika is celebrated as Holika Dahan which means the victory of good wills. Celebrations Holika Dahan is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over India. People worship the burning woods and also welcome the spring. The next day after the Holika Dahan is celebrated with great joy by playing with colours. On this day, people from all aspects play with colours and dance to the tune of the nature immensely. It is one of the great festivals of colours that purify soul and burn evil inside you.


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