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Holla Mohalla

Holla Mohalla, Holla Mohalla Festival, Holla Mohalla Hindus Festival.

Holla Mohalla – The Grand Festivals of Sikhs
Holla Mohalla is one of the grand festivals celebrated by Sikhs every year in the month of March. This day is celebrated after the one day of Holi. This festival is also famous as Sikh Olympics event that is organized in the form of army accompanied by standard bearers and war drums. The army follows the proceeding from a given location from one Gurdwara to another. This festival is held at Anadpur Sahib in Punjab. It was started by the tenth Sikh Guru name, Guru Gobind Singh. The main objective of this festival is to gather all Sikhs for mock battles and military exercises.

Holla Mohalla Festival Dates:

Holla Mohalla Date 2017- 14 March

Holla Mohalla Date 2018- 03 March

Holla Mohalla Date 2019- 22 March

Holla Mohalla Date 2020- 11 March

Holla Mohalla Date 2021- 30 March

Holla Mohalla Date 2022- 20 March

Holla Mohalla is a big event celebrated for a period of three days. The event comprise of mock battles, military exercises, which is followed by poetry and music compositions. The members of the Sikh army known as the Nihang Singhs perform martial traditions. You can witness some of the daring feats such as tent pegging, Gatka, horse riding, bareback and standing erect on the speeding horses. Watching this event leaves you spell bound. This festival has divine connection to the Sikh tradition and hence is celebrated with great fervour and joy. This event truly symbolizes the high spirits and enthusiasm among the people who perform such daring feats.

The kirtans, bhajans, poetry reading and music along with martial arts is one of the best moments to visualize. This festival has been recognized as the National Festival by the government of India. This festival is celebrated since 1701 and still carries the same zest among the people. The people participating in this event show high spirit of bravery by using weapons and mock battles. Apart from Sikhs, other religious and charitable activities participate in this festival. Many people gather in Gurudwaras to read their religious book. In most of the Gurudwaras, there are prayer meetings, religious lectures and also feed poor people.


Holla Mohalla is celebrated to the divine connection between the Sikh brotherhoods. This event also reminds people of defence and valour preparedness. This concept is very dear to the tenth Guru of Sikhs and hence the tradition is followed till now. The first thing during the festival is that people offer prayers. The veneration of Guru Granth takes place in which it is bathed with water and milk. Prasad is prepared by the elders and after that it is served in the Hall during lunch. Do not miss to experience the colourful and powerful festival Holla Mohalla in Punjab. Do visit once in a life time.


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