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Meena Sankranti

Meena Sankranti, Meena Sankranti Festival, Meena Sankranti Festival Hindus Festival.

Meena Sankranti

India is the proud motherland, which comprises of a series of states with their diverse cultures. Many people with various kinds of religion and faith live here happily and celebrate different kinds of rituals and customs to please their respective gods. Among such celebrations, Meena Sankranti is a popular one. This event is highly celebrated among the Hindus and a person often donates things in order to celebrate this auspicious event. People celebrate such event to bring joy, happiness and prosperity in their lives.

Meena Sankranti Festival Dates:

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2017- 14 March

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2018- 14 March

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2019- 15 March

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2020- 14 March

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2021- 14 March

Meena Sankranti Festival Date 2022- 15 March


Significance and celebration of Meena Sankranti

Hindus celebrate various kinds of events and rituals of which Sankranti is a very important and auspicious event. Sankramanam is another name of Sankranti prevalent in South India. According to the Indian astronomy, Sankranti refers to the transmigration of the Sun from one zodiac to the next. Hence, there are twelve sankrantis according to the Hindu calendar in a year. In many states like Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, etc. each Sankranti marks the onset of a month while in the Bengali calendar each Sankranti marks the end of a month. One celebrates this event for happiness whether it marks the beginning or the end of a month in a calendar.

Some of the twelve Sankrantis are Dhanya Sankranti, Thamboola Sankranti, Manoratha Sankranti, Asoka Sankranti, Roopa Sankrant, Theja Sankranti, Ayush Sankranti, etc. People celebrate these events in different months. One celebrates Dhanya Sankranti on 14 April and it marks the beginning of a new year. At this event, people distribute pulses with poor and deprived people. Thamboola Sankranti occurs when the Sun leaves Aries and enters Taurus. People, during this event, offer supari, fruits, etc. to the Sun in little amounts. Of all these Makar Sankranti is one of the most important events among the Hindu people. Makar Sankranti marks the transition of the Sun into Capricorn and people celebrate this event with great love and devotion. The harvest festival is another name of this event. This event is the only Indian festival whose date remains same almost every year.

Meena Sankranti is also one of the most important events and it marks the onset of the twelfth and the final last month in the Hindu Solar calendar. This event marks the transition of the Sun into the Pisces zodiac. People consider this occasion highly auspicious for donating things to the needy. Often people donate land in order to celebrate this event and hence wish for luck, happiness and blessings for their near and dear ones.


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