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Mokshada Ekadashi

Mokshada Ekadashi is a Hindu festival celebrated during the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Margashirsha (Agrahayana). The importance of Mokshada Ekadasi was narrated to Yudhishtira by Lord Krishna and is quoted in the Brahmanda Purana. Fasting and observing Mokshada Ekadashi helps to destroy all the sins. Hindus, mostly Vaishnavas observe a 24-hour Vrat (fast) in honor of the Lord Krishna, an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

As the name reveals, the believer of Mokshada Ekadashi Vrat will achieve Moksha (liberation) from the re-birth cycle and reach Vaikunth’- the divine abode of Bhagwan Vishnu. This Ekadashi festival coincides with the Gita Jayanti celebration, which is known to be the day when Deity Krishna narrated the lessons of Bhagvad Gita to Arjuna. Therefore, on Mokshada Ekadashi, devotees worship Lord Krishna.

Mokshada Ekadashi 2016

10 December 2016/ Saturday

Mokshada Ekadashi Story

There is a belief that one who celebrates the Mokshada Ekadasi Vrat helps to grant heaven to dead forefathers. Legend says once King Vaikanasa, a great ruler had a dream that his father was in hell. The King found himself hopeless as he could not help his father, although having power and riches. He took the advice of Parvata Muni, who had the power to know past, present and future.

Sage Parvata Muni found that King Vaikanasa’s father had committed some sins and as a result, he was suffering a lot in hell. In order to help his father Muni asked him to observe the fast on this auspicious day. Soon the king and his wife observed this Ekadashi and saved the King’s father from hell.

Rituals on Moksha Ekadashi

Those who observe the Mokshada Ekadashi fast should follow all the rituals of Ekadashi to get the maximum benefits. One should wake up early in the morning and visit a nearby shrine or temple of Lord Vishnu. Reading ‘Vishnu Path’, ‘Bhagavad Gita’, ‘Vishnu Sahasranamam’ and ‘Mukundashtakam’ is also considered auspicious in Mokshada Ekadashi. The devotees take a resolution to keep the fast (Vrat) for the whole day. 

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