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Rishi Panchami

 Rishi Panchami

Rishi Panchami is a festival in the month of August that comes immediately after Teez Puja. Rishi Panchami is the most auspicious day celebrated on the Panchami or Shukla Paksha in the Bhadrapada Hindu month. The term rishi means Sage while the term Panchami represents the fifth day. It denotes the commemoration of learned sages or Sapt Rishis (Kashyapa, Atri, Vishvamitra, Bharadhvaja, Jamadagni, Gauthama, and Vashishta) who devoted their lives in making the human life better.

It is believed that they passed down their knowledge for the benefits of humankind so that they can follow the right path of wisdom and achieve enlightment. The Vrata (fast) and Puja on this auspicious day is mainly performed by women.

Rishi Panchami Date:

06 September 2016 / Tuesday

Rishi Panchami is an important day and if the devotee observe fast and perform rituals he will be relieved from all the sins of his present and past life. It is believed that Lord Brahma himself narrated the story of Rishi Panchami. Legends say, there was a Brahmin called Uttank who used to live with his spouse Sushila and their daughter (who was a widow). One night several ants covered his daughter’s body and the parents were amazed to see this. They became worried and immediately called a Rishi, so that he could handle the situation.

The Rishi (Sage) whom they called was a learned person and he explained the reason behind their misfortune. He explained them about a sin she committed in her previous life. He said that their daughter entered the kitchen in her menstruation days. The learned Rishi advised the daughter to perform some puja rituals on this day that will purify her body and soul.

Following the instructions her soul got freed from the Dosha. Rishi Panchami is a way to peace your body, mind and soul. Women doing this Puja get rid of their previous sins they have committed in their previous or present life during the menstruation period either willingly or unwillingly. 

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