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First House (Tanu Bhava/physic)

First House (Tanu Bhava/physic)

First House or the Pratham Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/ Birth Chart has many names in Sanskrit, but most commonly known names are ‘Lagna’ (Ascendant) or ‘Tanu’ (Self) Bhava. However, the names of this “Bhava” in the birth chart, yearly chart, question chart are referred as ‘Lagna’ for the sake of quick grasp and clarity. For example, ‘Janma Lagna’ (Ascendant at birth), ‘Varsh Lagna’ (Ascendant in the yearly chart) and ‘Prasna Lagna’ (Ascendant in the Question chart).

The First House of the Kundli is concerned with every aspect of life because it is the ‘House of Self’. Everything that affects the ‘Self’ is co-related to the First House of the horoscope. Personality, physical built, general physiology, facial appearance, height, nature, traits and tendencies, attitude towards self and others, gestures, head etc. can be analyzed with the help of First Bhava.

The role of Lagna Lord/ First House Lord has also great importance. A strong Lagna Lord assures success in life. It’s like a god gift to one’s destiny. The more powerful is the First House; smoother is the journey of life. It is said that a person rises in life in proportion to the strength of First House. Lagna with benefices or aspected by functional benefices bestows great fortune in all walks of life. The health of the person is not good, if the first house is with malefics or has the aspect of malefic planets.

According to Kaalpurush chart, Aries Sign occupies the First Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is fiery and moveable in nature.  

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