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Maha Ganapati Yagya

    Maha Ganapati Yagya
    Maha Ganapati Yagya
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Maha Ganapati Yagya

Although, Ganesh is invoked at the beginning of any Yagya, as Ganesh is considered to be Pratham Poojya (worshipped first), and his blessings are necessary for the success of the Yagya, Maha Ganpati Yagya is independently done before start of any big venture, as Maha Ganpati/ Lord Ganesh is considered Vighna Harta (Obstacle remover). This Yagya is also suggested, when one perceives unforeseen obstacles in business, married life, political career etc. Ganpati Yagna is also known as Vinayaka pooja, Ganpati Homa etc.

He is the symbol of serenity, truth and dedication. He is the devoted son and the remover of obstacles and his vehicle is a small mouse compared to his huge body. He is the only one Lord Ganesh. With the head of an elephant, he may look mighty and strong from appearance, but he is the beloved God of the people and the deity of understanding, worldly success and literature.

Knowledge is very important. We can win a conflict or lose one because of the thoughts that is necessary at that particular time. Shiva determined that whoever would make a travel around the world and come to the early place first would have the right to be the elder child. Kartikeya at once sat on his peacock and took a journey. The vehicle of Ganesh was a small mouse and the mouse was distressing that he could not aid him. He thought for a second and then went around his parents and asked for the reward. Surprised Lord Shiva said that he could not do so because he had not travelled around the earth. To this Ganesha replied that for him, they were his world and he had finished the trip. Shiva was very happy to see the knowledge of his son, so announced him as the elder child of the two.

Ganapathi pooja is done at the beginning of any important venture. It includes the start of to get rid of obstacles to victory and development, new businesses, to gain support of nature for finding a soul mate, for improving concord in married life or for having children. A longer Vedic custom can also be performed. Ganesha Yajna Homam is meant for worshiping God of good fortune.

Before starting any new project or something anew, Ganesha Homa is necessary. If someone is vexed from losses, when opening a new industry or business, when someone is getting married, or to get rid of obstacles one should does Ganapathi Homa to achieve their wishes.

This Yagya is also performed in combination to other Yagyas like Ganpati Homa, Ganesh pooja, Ganesh pooja Vidhaman, vinayaka pooja vidhanam for the remarkable results. For the miraculous results.  Achary Kalki Krishna is using Ganpati mantras from Vedas as well as Puranas, in this Yagya, in a secret combination, which is giving amazing results to our esteemed patrons. Visit our website to book Ganesha pooja online.


  • This Yagya assures you to overcome obstacles.
  • This sacrifice is performed for victory in work/ business.
  • This Yajna is performing for the Fulfillment of wishes.
  • This is also done for wisdom & focus.
  • It is also performed to control the adverse effect of planet Ketu.
  • Performing Ganapati Yagya or Ganpati Homam once a year will give you prosperity.
  • Ganpati Yagya is appropriate one to ensure happiness, pleasure, health and wealth in everyday life.
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