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Ganesh Pearl (Moti) Pendants

Ganesh Pearl (Moti) Pendants

Pearl (Moti) is ruled by the Planet Moon. By wearing Ganesh Pearl Pendant, the wearer also gets the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganpati is the most famous God among Hindu deities. All the negative effects of Planet Moon can be turned into positive ones, after wearing Ganesh Pearl Pendant to bring outstanding benefits in your life.

Within a few days, the wearer starts feeling the blessings from Lord Ganapati. All obstacles and blockages from his path to success are removed and there is an appreciable progress in his source of income, knowledge, etc. Ganesh Pearl Pendant is the wonderful option for academic success, concentration and for development. Wearer’s mental as well as physical stress also gets reduced. The intellect of the wearer becomes steady and the subconscious mind becomes calm.

What are the benefits of using Ganesh Pearl (Mukta) Pendant?

The vitality of the wearer also increases and there is an increase in his work competence also. The Adnya-Chakra of the user gets activated. The wearer can get spiritual experience of Divine touch. It is also believed that the Pearl (Moti) Pendant in Ashtadhatu reduces mental illnesses. If you are in a love relationship, the influence of Moti Ganesh Pendant gives you favorable results. Ganesh Pearl Pendant also makes one sociable and soft-spoken. Plus, it boosts love and faith between the two partners.

Ganesh Pearl (Moti) Pendant is also used to remove the tribulations of the Planet moon and in turn it increases the good sleep and strengthens the concentration power. Pearl Pendant is also advantageous for ladies as it increases the beauty, glow and facial luster. Ganesha with Pearl Pendant develops good relation between husband and spouse. It also gives better memory and helps to cure illnesses like insomnia, eye diseases, heart problems, hysteria, etc. Pearl Ganesh Pendant also help to resolve other sickness like depression, stress, asthma, bronchitis and pessimism.

Who Should Wear Ganesh Pearl Pendant?

Since Pearl is the gemstone ruled by Planet Moon. If the Planet Moon is under any malefic influence in the Horoscope, the person should wear Ganesh Pearl Pendant to get auspicious results. People associated with aquaculture, geography, research and hotels can benefit from Pearl/ Moti Ganesh Pendant.  

Ganesh ji impeccably crafted over a precious Pearl stone makes it a perfect pick. Wearing a Ganesh Pearl (Moti) Pendant in Ashtadhatu by also minimizes the negative effects of the bad Karmas of the native.

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