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Ganesha/ Ganpati Statue

Ganesha/ Ganpati Statue

One cannot accomplish any siddhi without the blessings of Lord Ganesha.  Therefore, it is in our tradition that Lord Ganesha is worshipped in the beginning. Everybody worships Lord Ganesha before starting any new venture in order to accomplish success without any obstacle.

Placing Lord ganesha solves all your disputes related to your real estate business. If you have speech impediment problem then this Ganesha statue really helps you in getting rid of this disorder. Also, if you are in a business related to speech, then Lord Ganesh brings success in your business.

Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by Ācharya Kalki Krishna himself, ‘’® energizes/consecrates Ganesh with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you.

Where to place Ganesh

  • Install Ganesh in your house.
  • You can install Ganesha in your office.

Following are the uses of Ganesh:

  • It helps you in solving all land related disputes.
  • It will solve all your legal issues.
  • You can use this statue for worshipping Lord Ganesha.
  • It is the best cure for your depression tendency.
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