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Get Your Own Vedic Mantra

Exclusive and unique Mantra recommendation service. On the basis of your birth details/ Problems being faced by you, panel of astrologers / Pundits at, will recommend you most suitable VEDIC MANTRA, which will give you the most optimum results.

For knowing the unique and unparalleled aspects of VEDIC MANTRA, one is advised to go through ‘VEDIC MANTRA’, the thought provoking and brain storming piece written by Āchary Kalki Krishna, to know why ‘VEDIC MANTRAS’ from ‘’ are unique and what makes them different.

A Must Read- It Will Open Your Eyes.

For this unique service, you will have to pay only Rs. 21000  (India/ Other Countries).

Fill as much as information as you can and own your Own VEDIC MANTRA.

When an ‘VEDIC MANTRA’ is communicated to you, you not only get detailed guidance about your ‘VEDIC MANTRA’; you also get, on complimentary basis, one or more of the following; the specific Japa beads (rosaries) to be used; the Yantra, if any, to be used with Mantra chanting; other materials, if required for optimizing results of mantra chanting by post; the delivery/ shipping charges for which is charged over and above the price of Mantra.

To obtain Vedic Mantra Service/Analysis, please fill the given form

    Service: Get Your Own Vedic Mantra
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