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Emerald (Markat Mani, Panna) Gemstones


Emerald gemstone or Panna a symbol of hope, ruled by Lord Budh (mercury), also called as Budh ratna, works as antennae towards green cosmic rays. Emerald stone by are of rich green colour, transparent with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity in emerald, oval, cushion or round cut. The wearer of emerald gem progresses with wisdom and truth. It represents love and generosity.

Benefits of Emerald include:

  • It is the significator of intelligence, brainpower and memory.
  • Users of green emerald get enhanced communication, ability to learn and reasoning system.
  •  Emerald gem offers the user, education, authorship and intuition.
  • It is best for commerce and mercantile activities.
  • Writers and journalists also use Emerald gemstones for best results.
  • Gifting an emerald to loved ones will bring good fortune in relationship.

Emerald gemstone or  Markat Mani helps to prevent the following disease:

  • Nervous breakdowns, dumbness, speech disorders.
  •  Mental aberrations, Leucoderma, impotence and skin diseases.
  •  Diseases relating to the abdomen, eyes, nose, nervous system, debility, blood pressure and ulcer.

Emerald gemstone is for those who are born in Gemini and Virgo ascendant and rashi (moon sign). highly recommends emerald for the person, who is passing from adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Buddha.

Emeralds by are well energized and programmed, with potent verses of Lord Ganapati, especially Ganesha and Atharva sheersha. We have a long list of people who are in the business of trading, profession of writing and journalism; they have got immense benefits from emerald stone by® and have understood the emerald value.  Here you can buy emerald online at reasonable prices. At, emerald for sale as well as best emerald stone price is offered.
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