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Green Onyx

Green Onyx provides you the best quality spiritual stone, green onyx stones with amazing clarity, fully transparent, rich color, with a velvety reflection and high specific gravity in emerald, oval, cushion or round cut. The words onyx came out from Greek word Onyx that means fingernails. Green onyx gemstone is Upratna or secondary gemstone, ruled by Lord Budh (mercury).  It works as an antenna towards green cosmic rays.

Green onyx is for those people who are born in Gemini & Virgo ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign). Mercury is the significator of memory, intelligence, and brainpower. Gemstone onyx is also for those people who want to enhance, communication, public speaking, education, authorship, reasoning system and mercantile activity. We often come across people asking us what is Onyx stone, what are the benefits of onyx stone and how to wear onyx stone? All answers related to onyx stone you will get here.

Striking features of Green onyx gemstone are:

  • Attracts positive energy and repels negative energy.
  • It is beneficial for all chakra.
  • It boosts your self-confidence.
  • Increases your courage and concentration.

Onyx gemstone is used to recover from several health disorders, including blood disorder, speech disorder, nervous system, mental problems, skin diseases and ulcer. Gems onyx by, is well energized and programmed with potent verse devoted to lord Ganpati. Stone onyx is worn in a gold ring or in a locket  at prescribed time, as per your horoscope after bathing, worshiping the ring or the locket.  You can also buy Onyx stone online here at at reasonable price.

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