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Green Onyx Mala or Rosary

Green Onyx Mala or Rosary

Green Onyx Mala / Rosary give metaphysical effects on the user. Green Onyx Mala/ Rosary is also beneficial in terms of healing emotional and physical problems. Green Onyx Beads Mala is also good to help people improve their public speaking skill.

Green Onyx Prayer Beads encourages you to speak your feelings and thoughts, and improve your creativity. Because this gemstone is related to the heart chakra, Green Onyx also represents the unconditional love, compassion and acceptance.


Green Onyx Mala / Rosary benefits:

This stone is connected with the planet Mercury, and is ideal for people born under the zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini. Incidentally, the planet Mercury is believed to be representative of memory, intelligence and high brain power. Green Onyx Mala is recommended for those who are looking to improve their public-speaking skills, confidence, memory and sense of logic. Green Onyx Rosary is attuned to the Heart Chakra.

Green Onyx Mala help in reducing physical problems such as nervous breakdown, stomach issues leucoderma, treating nose, eyes, skin disease and nervous system and maintain the blood pressure. Original Green Onyx Mala is said to help the growth of hair and nails.

It is believed that Green Onyx Prayer Beads eliminates negative thinking & it assists in holding passions and emotions under control. Green Onyx Rosary is also used for self-protection, releasing the past attachments or to keep away from troublesome emotional embarrassments. Onyx Gemstone strengthens the wearer's self-confidence and sense of responsibility.


Green Onyx Mala / Rosary encourages you to speak your thoughts and improve your creativity. Because the Green Onyx Mala is related to the heart chakra, it also signifies the unconditional love and compassion. At, you can easily procure 100% pure and Original Green Onyx Rosary at a very sensible price.
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