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Guru (Jupiter) Yagya

Guru (Jupiter) Yagya Superior

Astrologically, Lord Guru (Jupiter) is connected with wealth, fame, children, higher education, Banks, Insurance companies, religion. The person, who wants to augment these aspects in his life, should opt for Guru (Jupiter) Yagya.

Since Lord Guru (Jupiter) is also indicative of obesity, diabetes, diseases relating to liver, gall bladder, pancreas, ‘’® suggests this Yagya for recovery from or healing from these physical problems.

For the persons born in Sagittarius & Pieces ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign), Jupiter Yagya is recommended at regular intervals. It is always suggested for the people, who are facing ordeal of bad Dasa/ transit of Lord Guru (Jupiter).

Guru Yagya is performed for lord Jupiter. Worshipping of lord Jupiter is done for the Jupiter Graha Shanti. In the Jyotish astrology language, Jupiter is also known as Guru, Brihaspati or Devaguru. Jupiter is thought-out as one of the helpful planets and is most liberal, obliging, fortunate and beneficent out of all the planets.

Jupiter is thought-out as the father of every creature in the world. Jupiter Yagya Vedic Astrology brings the good fitness and wealth in the life of a person and also maintains the physical condition and prosperity. Guru also represents the knowledge, kindness, Holy Scripture and beliefs. The character of Brihaspati is Sky (Akash).

Brihaspati the powerful Guru is thought-out as very kind and donor of wisdom and information. But some unlucky situation may occur due to which it may effect in some bad outcomes. To get rid of those bad effects, Brihaspati Guru Yagya is recommended by the Vedic astrologers.

Jupiter Guru Yagya is conducted to correct the evil effects of planet Jupiter on the horoscope of an individual. In addition to that, it is also performed for enhancing Jupiter effects to get more helpful benefits in terms of achievement and power.

Brihaspati Yagya/ Puja is preferably done on Thursdays, which is the day of the week pertaining to planet Jupiter; however, the time of starting may depend on the Shubh Muhurtas (Auspicious moments) advised by the Astrologers. During the Puja, the Guru Veda Mantras are recited. Generally, the Pandits are capable to complete the reciting mantra in seven days, hence the Puja starts on a Thursday and completes on next Thursday.

Jupiter is thought-out as the Guru of Devas (Divine Master) according to the Holy Scriptures. Planet Jupiter is thought-out as the most helpful planet and is the indicator of prosperity, reputation, fortune, dedication, destiny and knowledge. Planet Jupiter is ruling planet for the zodiac sign of Pisces and Sagittarius.

Impact of Guru Mahadasha for a Lagna or zodiac sign differs on case to case basis, depending on the exact configuration of specific horoscope. However, before devising Mantras for your Yagya, we consider each and every permutation and combination of your horoscope.

Jupiter or Guru planet is debilitated in zodiac sign of Capricorn and exalted in the zodiac sign of Cancer. While analyzing Guru Mahadasha effects, one should remember that Mahadasa of Jupiter lasts sixteen years. The Brihaspati is calm in the first house and is thought-out as the helpful planet among all the planets. Miseries in the Jupiter can cause misfortune in many forms in the life of a person. The materials that belong to Jupiter planet are gemstone in yellow sapphire, Yellow topaz, citrine and gold. Guru Yagya is one of the best Guru Mahadasha remedy to remove Guru Mahadasha effects.

‘’® conducts this Yagya with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses devoted to Lord Vishnu, especially Vishnu Sahastranam. Some of our esteemed patrons, who are working in the financial institutions, in the profession of insurance or handling religious matters, have been highly benefitted from this Yagya.

Many of our patrons, who were bereft of happiness of children, due to no conception, miscarriage etc. have been highly benefitted from Jupiter Guru Yagya, when done in combination with Santan Gopal Yagya.


Planet Jupiter provides various advantages to a person, if the Yagya/ Pooja is done with supreme dedication; some of which are given below.

  • Planet Jupiter benefits those couples who do not have baby, as it is very helpful to bring offspring.
  • The Jupiter helps in all the health troubles and provides long life.
  • Jupiter is the indicator of joy, prosperity, knowledge, mind focus, religion, generosity, donations, esteem, status and self-respect and therefore to attain these, all people are advised to do the Brihaspati Yagya for getting all the knowledge in life and for getting rid of all the ill effects from the life.
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