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Guru Pushya Yoga

Guru Pushya Yoga is also known as Guru Pushya Nakshatra Yoga and Gurupushyamrut Yoga

What is Gurupushya yoga?  

Pushya Nakshatra(constellation) is one of the most auspicious Nakshatras. It is believed that the Goddess of Wealth, Lakshmi was born on this Nakshatras. Guru is the most benefic planet. A combination of both made an auspicious Gurupushya yoga.  

How Gurupushya yoga formed?

 If there is Pushya Nakshatra on Thursday then guru Pushya yoga is formed, this yoga is considered very auspicious. During this yoga education from a guru, father, grandfather or elderly person or to get a master's degree or travel abroad all these works are considered auspicious.

For dates and timings for Guru Pushya yoga 2020 click here. These dates and timings may vary according to your location.

Guru Pushya Yoga Tithi 2020

Start Time
End Time
April 2, 2020, Thursday
07:29 PM
Apr 03, 2020
06:08 AM
April 30, 2020, Thursday
05:41 AM
May 01, 2020
01:53 AM
May 28, 2020, Thursday
05:24 AM
May 28, 2020, Thursday
07:27 AM
December 31, 2020, Thursday
07:49 PM
Jan 01, 2021
07:13 AM
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