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Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra

Hasta Nakshatra 10.00 -23.0. Devta of this Nakshatra is Surya, ruling planet is Moon, and closed hand is symbol. From the Surya we receive imagination and making, and from making, we get glow, sheen, and power. Surya is the major cause of authority, kingship, control of resistance and the brightness that dispels gloom. Buddha is the source of acquaintance. If positioned in this Nakshatra/ star he sheds luminosity all around. Sun with this Nakshatra enhances the nature of power and the capability to rule above others. It brushes up person intellect, making it more glowing and makes a man vivacious with existence and brightness.

Born in the Nakshatra/ star Hasta are constant bodied, educated, good-looking, affluent, bold, and cooperative to others and educated. They are dishonest but admire the Gods and concerned in the worshipping of Gods and religious people. They are givers, self-governing, renowned, and expected to get all the properties of their father.


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