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How to ask a question

Keeping in view the ultimate divinity of Horary Astrology, scriptures have prescribed a ‘Code of Conduct’ for the Astrologer as well as the person, who is going to ask a question. As an organization with highest ethical values and stringent quality controls, we expect as well as ensure that our team of Astrologers follows the ‘Code of Conduct’ prescribed for Astrologers.

We are giving hereunder ‘Code of Conduct’ for the person, who is going to ask a question or query.

1. Pray to Universal Energies, before asking a question

Before putting up a query, one should pray to his God, deity, Guru or any other divine power, for helping the astrologer in finding most suitable answer to your query.

2. Have respect to the process

The scriptures directs astrologers to not to answer the queries of a person, who is asking in a casual or non-serious manner, who uses abusive language while asking or who is a heretic or atheist. Even if an astrologer will handle the query of such a person, he will be unable to give satisfactory and reliable reply.

3. Be focused to the process

The scriptures suggest that for getting proper answer to his query, a person should concentrate to this divine process. This is the reason scriptures restrict an astrologer to respond to the query of a person, who is talking about so many things, who is going on a journey etc. If you are thinking about so many things, you state of mind will be reflected in the answer and your purpose will not be solved.

4. Meditate upon your problem

While putting up your question, it is necessary that you are clear about your priorities; and what actually you want. Your father is hospitalized and is very critical. You might be interested in his recovery, whatever may be the cost. Alternatively, you may be thinking about his early death, keeping in view his unending pain and unbearable mounting medical expenditure. Whatever is the choice, it is yours, but it should be clear in your mind, while putting up the question.

5. Ask one question at a time

While in natal astrology based on Birth Horoscope, multiple questions may be asked; in Horary Astrology, due to its mystic nature, it is always advised that you should ask one question at a time, so that divine powers could help you as well as concerned astrologer.
If you many questions, postpone other questions for some other time.

6. Draft the question in a clear way

Clarity of the answer depends on the clarity of the question. Therefore, for getting clear and unambiguous answer, it is necessary that you should formulate your question in a clear and truthful way. It is advised that one should write down your question before asking the astrologer. It will be very difficult for an astrologer to respond a vague or ambiguous question.

7. Make your question brief and specific

Ideal question should be asked in only in one sentence, without any further ifs and buts. It is best to avoid unnecessary details. Similarly, questions with a lot of "either/or” are bound to get unsatisfactory reply.
Ask question in positive tone
Replies to the questions asked in negative muddle the intent of question. For example:
Positive Tone Question: "Should I marry Mr. A?"
Here answer will be simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
Negative Tone Question: "Should I remain alone and not marry Mr. A?"
Here Astrologer will be at a loss, handling your question.

8. You should have some stake in the question

You cannot ask a question, unless you have some stake, concern or vested interest in the subject of question. Divine powers of horary astrology are not meant for being used for entertainment or sheer curiosity. Whether Obama will be elected again for the post of American President; is not your concern, unless you are actively involved in the American politics or if you are a family member of Obama

9. Get prepared for the answer

Get ready for an answer, whatever it may be. If you have conditioned yourself for a particular answer, then you should not approach an astrologer. You should appreciate that whatever is the answer, it has come from the divine energies, through the astrologer. That specific answer, although it may be disappointing for you, is necessarily in your best interest in the long run.

10. Respect the answer

Once, you have got the answer, accept it. Do not press again and again the same astrologer to reconsider the same question at short intervals. Predictions under Prashna or Horary have validity of six months to one year only, and normally not valid for the whole life. Approach your astrologer at least only after six months and request him to go into the whole matter again. He will certainly delve into the matter.

11. Complete the Exchange of Karma

Whatever may be the fee of Astrologer, first pay him, and then only put up your question. Even if the astrologer is known and close to you, offer something even if in kind as a gratitude to his divine services. This is dictum of the scriptures that one who goes to astrologer empty handed, comes back empty handed.

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