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Howlite Mala / Rosaries

Howlite Mala / Rosaries

Howlite Mala / Rosary is believed to absorb negative energy and eliminate anger. Howlite is white-colored gemstone with grey veining. Howlite gem is a super-calming stone and several people use it to relieve anxiety of all kinds. It makes a brilliant antidote to insomnia due to an overactive mind.

Howlite Gemstone meaning
Howlite gem is a borate mineral that is also known under the names of white turquoise, white howlite and white buffalo stone. Howlite is white and is often dyed green or blue to  resemble turquoise, or red to look like coral. Focusing on howlite Mala can assist in gaining insight from past lives. 

Howlite Mala helps in reducing selfish behaviour.

How to Use:
Energy healers recommend using a Howlite Beads Mala by putting it on the bedside or under the pillow. It is called as a calming stone that can relieve sleeplessness, therefore, some folks useshowlite mala to boost restful sleep.

Howlite Malas / Rosaries Benefits:

  • Balances calcium levels
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Reduce Stress
  • Strengthens bones and teeth

Howlite Mala is said to balance calcium levels and strengthen the teeth and bones. In traditional Hindu belief systems, White Howlite Mala is considered to benefit the third eye chakra and it is thought to open up memories of previous lives. Howlite is a lucky stone for those born under the Gemini zodiac sign.

Howlite Rosary helps in controlling anger, stress and other negative impulses. It can also help in developing tolerance, patience and a positive outlook on life. It can also bring calm and clarity to any verbal conversation. To experience these harmonizing effects, dissatisfied people are advised to carry or use Howlite Prayer Beads.

sing a Howlite Malas / Rosaries assists in absorbing your own anger - or other’s anger that is directed toward you. Howlite Mala can be used to calm the overactive or troubled mind and induce peaceful sleep at night. provides you the best quality Howlite Rosary at a very sensible price.

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