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Iolite (Kaka Nili)

Iolite (Kaka Nili)

Iolite gemstone is a substitute for Blue sapphire and most attractive gemstone among all. Iolite is the secondary gemstone for planet Saturn.  It is recognized as the gemstone of self-vision, creativeness and constructive ideas.  Iolite gem is often referred to as Kaka Niliin Hindi. Iolite comes from Greek word “ios” which means violet. We have a big range of Iolite, which are purplish blue in color with clear vision and cut from exactly right direction.

Kaka Nili is for those persons who are born in Capricorn & Aquarius ascendant and Rashi (Moon sign).  We highly recommend Iolite gems for those, who are passing through extreme Dasa of Lord Shani.  Iolite is an effective gemstone for transforming into a more optimistic way of being. 

Benefits of Iolite gemstone are:

  • Iolite energizes the 3rd eye chakra.
  • It improves mental and thinking power.
  • It helps in building good relationship.
  • It is best gemstone for meditation and concentration.
  • It helps in getting rid of financial positions.
  • It raises the inner knowledge.
  • It makes you a responsible person.
  • It works as natural healer.
  • It removes dis-harmony in relationships.
  • It increases self-confidence.
Iolite works as antennae towards violet cosmic rays. It is best suited for those who want to enhance these aspects of life: Democracy, masses in general, Labor class, politics, judicial system, Wisdom, integrity, discipline, spiritual achievement through humility, patience, dedication and non-attachment. 

Health benefits of
Kaka Nili are:
  • Iolite is best when used in removing addiction, especially alcoholism.
  •  It helps to heal throat infection.
  • It balances cholesterol level.
  •  It is used in many disorders.
  • It eliminates toxins from body.
  • It is used to cure malaria fever.
  • Iolite is also used to cure chronic infection.
  • It is good for liver treatments. offers you Iolite gemstone, well energized, charged and preprogrammed by Āchary Kalki Krishna himself.  Here you can buy iolite, know what is iolite and get best iolite in NCR region.
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