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Exploring Jhansi - the Home of India’s Warrior Queen, Rani Laxshmibai

The Historic City of Jhansi
 Jhansi is one of those cities, whose mention invokes a sense of pride and nationalism in every Indian. Located on the banks of river Pushpavati in Uttar Pradesh, the city was at one time of great prominence to the Chandela Kings. However, it later attained great fame during the 1857 revolt, when Rani Laxshmibai fought bravely trying to defend the city from the British onslaught. Even though she failed in her attempt, her bravery ensured that the name of the city became immortal.

About the city:
In view of the fact that Jhansi holds a significant place in the history of the freedom struggle of India, it is not uncommon for people to visit this city just to pay homage to its great martyrs. However, Jhansi also offers other attractions for tourists which can help in making their trip truly enjoyable and memorable. Given below are some famous tourist spots of Jhansi which can add to the fun of visiting this historic city.

Places Of attraction
Jhansi Fort: The fort was constructed by Raja Bir Singh, in the 17th century. Located on the top of a hill, the fort was meant to be an army stronghold. In the present times the fort not only houses the famous Karak Bijli tank but also has a museum. There are some really good sculptures at the museum besides which it also provides the basic details about the history of Bundelkhand.  
Rani Mahal: This is another must see place in Jhansi. As the name suggests, it is the palace of Rani Laxshmibai and has now been converted into museum. Apart from providing an insight into the life of the great warrior queen, the place also offers information about the period between the 9th and the 12th centuries with the help of the collection of archeological remains of that period.
Government Museum: The Government Museum presents a treat for people interested in gaining more information about the History of Jhansi. The museum houses a wide range of weapons, dresses, photographs and even statues that give an insight into the reign of the Chandela dynasty as well as the Gupta dynasty. The visitors can also go through a collection of terracotta and bronze artifacts, manuscripts, paintings and coins.

Other Sites
Apart from the above mentioned places there are other sites of interest which include Laxmi  Tal, Gangadhar Rao-Ki-Chatri, Gharmau Lake, Narayan Bagh and Barua Sagar and Fort.


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