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Join Our Mission

‘Astro Vaastu Kendra’ invites experts of Astrology, Vaastu, Numerology, Karmakaand, Yagya, Vedic culture, spirituality, Yoga to join our mission of extending recognition to these divine sciences, just like streams of knowledge, which are known as science in common parlance.

Only those persons, who have reasonable experience in their fields and who want to make these divine sciences, their own career, are required to contact us.

‘Astro Vaastu Kendra’ will promote all the experts, associated with us, nationally as well as internationally, depending on their level of knowledge and experience. If required, ‘Astro Vaastu Kendra’ will also help to sharpen their skills. All the expenses to be made in this regard will be met by ‘Astro Vaastu Kendra’.

If you believe in the efficacy of Vedic knowledge and ethos; if you are committed to the cause of Vedic Sciences, if you want to join a career, which is rewarding not only monetarily, but also psychologically and emotionally also; Just grab this lifetime opportunity. We assure you, down the years, you will thank the stars for this well-timed decision.

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