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Jupiter/ Brihaspati Planet

In astrology, Jupiter (Brihaspati Graha) is the planet of hope, faith, knowledge, happiness, wealth, education, morality and positivism. It is exalted in Cancer and rules Sagittarius. Jupiter represents the attitude of expansion, versus contraction and the ambitions of the higher self. This could include a good will, sense of humour, or mercy.

On the flip side, this planet can also be linked with irresponsibility in the form of overindulgence and blind optimism. Its position in the chart point outs one’s generosity, tolerance and faith, and also modes of activity, wisdom and self-confidence.

Jupiter is also considered as a valuable planet. Its nature signifies development and growth in every field. The person under its control will be lucky, religious, successful, generous and fortunate with high moral values.

Jupiter is always considered as Guru in Indian Astrology as it is the largest planet.  Guru means one which is great and vast. Jupiter is the ruler of the two Zodiac signs Pisces and Sagittarius. It signifies its influences on teachers and priests.

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 2,5,7,9,11 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 1,3,4,6,8,10,12 houses. Out of personality aspects it represents Divinity. Moon, Mars and Sun are friends and Mercury, Venus are enemy to the Jupiter. Its Mulatrikona is 00°-13° Sagittarius. It gets exalted at 05° of Zodiac Sign Cancer and gets debilitated at 05° of Zodiac Sign Capricorn. It shows influence around 16 years of age. The following lists will help you to have a glance on features of Jupiter:


  • Sanskrit word- Guru
  • Day- Thursday
  • Relationship- Older brother and off spring.
  • Sex- Male
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- 1 Months
  • Direction- North East
  • Element-Ether
  • Color- Gold Yellow
  • Gem- Yellow Saphire
  • Type- Benefic
  • Metal-Gold
  • Neutrals- Saturn
  • Aspects- ‘5-7-9
  • Major Period- 16 (13%)
  • Own sign- Sagittarus, Pisces
  • Body Part- Fat, thighs, liver, ears, feet
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Vamana
  • God- Bhrama
  • Taste- Sweet
  • Prakirti- Sattva
  • Physiology/ Disease- Ears, Liver, Navel, Hips, Palate, Physical development and Throat. Dyspesia, phthysis, cough, congestion, asthma, thrombosis, and diseases associated with Kapha, sinus, allergies, cold and diarrhoes.


Main Significations

Health, wisdom, philosophy, wealth, science, religion, elder sibling, children, knowledge, brahmin, higher education, yagya, honour, merit, meditation, fame, truthfulness, virtue, morality, ethics, law, justice, politics, righteousness, optimism, progress, future, positivity, expansion, divinity, broad outlook, holiness, idealism, helpfulness, aspiration, opportunity, support of nature, divine grace, solution to problems, abundance, prosperity, fortune, success, journeys, pilgrimage, spirituality, charity, religious generosity, devotion, compassion, medicine, husband, guru, guide, governmental favour, leader, bank, treasure-house, capitalism, healer, catholicism, university. Male, church, Ether, Phlegmatic, Fat, Sattva, Indra, Kapha, Vamana avatar (Dwarf incarnation). Brahmana, Vyakarana, Pratishakhya. Minister. North-east, Brahmin, 16th year. When afflicted it indicates over optimistic, careless, gambling, extravagant, law suits, lack of compassion, misfortune and frivolous.

Negative Jupiter in a horoscope of any person indicates depression exhaustion and pessimism. Auspiciousness of Jupiter can be judged from the fact that its aspect on any malefic planet diminishes its bad result.  It has the control to balance the ill effect of malefic planets.

In the horoscope of any woman, it is the signficator of husband as well as happy married life. If the position is favorable, it confirms happy relations in married life.  In unfavourable situation, it makes a woman obstinate and arrogant causing damage to married life.

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