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Kanak Dhara Yagya

    Kanak DharaYagya Superior
    Kanak DharaYagya Superior
    $ 966.00

Kanak DharaYagya Superior

Literal meaning of Kanak Dhara is stream of Gold. We perform Kanakdhara Yagna, as per dictum of Adi Shankara, the great philosopher of India.Kanakdhara Siddhi Yagya is highly advised to the persons, who are already blessed with the Maha Laxmi's favor. Our wealthy patrons, many of whom are big industrialists, sponsor this Yagya for enhancement as well as continuance of their abundant wealth.

Since, some specific materials, to be used in this Yagya, are not available throughout the year; it can be performed only in some particular months. This Yagya is performed to please Goddess Lakshmi for good wealth and prosperity.

Kanak Dhara Yagya Havan is basically performed for enormous wealth, it is suggested to do on monthly basis to get permanent stream of money. This Yagna has instant outcome when performed in a correct way. Kanak Dhara Yagya helps in clearing the obstructions for money, making enormous earnings from business.

Kanak Dhara Yagya is performed so that fortune stays in your side. Kanakdhara Mantras for the Kanakdhara puja Yagya are mangalyadasthu mama mangala devathaya, Angam hare pulaka bhushanamasrayanthi, angikrithakila vibhuthirapanga leela, bhringanga neva mukulabharanam thamalam, which our pundits recite in very authentic way. Adi Shankara Acharya chanted the Shlokas of Kanakdhara strotram, addressing the Devi Laxmi to get her pleasure and blessings. 

This Yajna is very vital to those native, who are facing troubles in wealth matters. The main constituents for this Yajna are Shanti path, and navgrah pooja, Sankalpam, Goddess Lakshmi Puja, Ganesh navgrah kalash, recitation of Kanak Dhara stotram as per the program agenda, Havan, Purna aahuti, aarti, end of ritual with pushpanjali. This Yajna makes you prosperous and affluent.

Kanak Dhara Yagya Havan is so potent and Devi Laxmi is worshipped in such a way that she gets overwhelmed and showers upon you huge prosperity. This Yagam is very significant in cases when you are finding it hard to recover your disputed money from a variety of sources. As the name spells Kanak Dhara, where Kanak means gold and Dhara means divine water stream, so just like the name Kanak Dhara Yajna helps in getting huge stream of money, prosperity and fortune.

Kanak Dhara Yagya is a Panacea for getting huge prosperity, great fortune and huge earnings in your company whatever may it be. It is supposed that in ancient times, Shri Adi Shankara used to chant this mantra to obtain stream of gold balls and so in present time this mantra is chanted in the Kanak Dhara Yajna Homam to get extensive prosperity and to gain strength in profits in your commerce. Kanak Dhara Yagam is performed with the purpose to please the prime Goddess of prosperity, Maa Lakshmi, who then blesses you with huge prosperity and funds. This Yajna is very effective, when performed in a proper prescribed method, helping you to get what was planned for you, as well as what do you desire.

Although some organizations claim to perform this Yagya kanakdhara, any time on demand, but either they are ignorant about the full procedure of this Yagya, or they just intend to fleece the innocent patrons at any cost. Since, we are not in that league, hence, this explanation.


  • An individual who wants instant release from financial crisis can carry out this Yajna.
  • If someone is under some debt, their capital has been obstructed, or their dues are not being cleared to some reason then they can do a Kanak Dhara Yagam.
  • The Pooja gives huge happiness, victory, and bestows bunches of prosperity
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