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Katyayani Maha Yantra

Katyayani Maha Yantra

The sixth incarnation of goddess Durga is Katyayani. If you are facing difficulties in getting married to the person whom you love or not able to find the right partner, then you should definitely look for Katyayani Maha Yantra. This Yantra has power to help couples who love each other and are finding difficulties for getting married. So if you are not getting approvals from your parents, interference by others or any other obstacles, then you should certainly keep this Yantra in your house. It is worship to obtain partner of one’s choice. It is also helpful for the married couples who are finding it difficult to keep their relationships. Katyayani Maha Yantra is blessed with divine powers that can diminish all negative energies so that there won’t be any interference. Katyayani blesses couple with fruitful messages and happy married life powers.
The Myth says that all unmarried girls in Vrindavan use to worship Katyayani very early in morning in river Yamuna. Katyayani is other name for  goddess Parvati. After worshipping Katyayani in the Yamuna River, it was observed that unmarried Gopis after completed the worship got married to honest man. Since, then Katyayani represent the symbol for worshipping to unmarried couples who are facing difficulties in their life. When placing this Katyayani Maha Yantra, one should perform rituals early in the morning by keeping fast. Once the puja has been completed she will shower you the desire of your life. If you want success in love life, then employ Katyayani Maha Yantra now.

Tips for Placement of Katyayani Maha Yantra:

  • Place the Yantra on Floor facing the east side of house
  • Place this Yantra along with image of Ma Katyayani
  • Perform the pooja after purifying oneself
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