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Ketu/ Dragon Tail Planets

Like Rahu, Ketu OR Neptune in Astrology is also an imaginary planet that is positioned opposite Rahu or Uranus. The constellations governed by Ketu are Mool, Ashwin and Magha. The South node is called Ketu and the North node is called Rahu. It is believed to symbolize the tail of demon.

The Ketu or South node is considered as a position of complex Karma from his past life where an individual obtain the results of his egoist, selfish and deeds of the past. The flip side of Ketu symbolizes the tendency towards liberation or Moksha and mastery of mysterious and secret knowledge.

Ketu are famous for giving unexpected and sudden results. Both Ketu and Rahu are the two different parts of the same demon. When Ketu, the Moon and the Sun lie in the same zodiacal longitude then the lunar eclipse takes place. Ketu has an enmity with Moon and Rahu has an enmity with Sun and Profession-wise, medical parishioners, magicians, doctors and astrologer are ruled by Ketu. Both Ketu & Rahu, the imaginary nodes, are the mystifying forces and illustrate spiritual and karmic influences in the birth chart.

Like Rahu/ Uranus, Ketu also does not rule any zodiac sign because it has no physical appearance. Ketu is considered powerful and neutral in Jupiter sign. Ketu feels comfy with Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Rahu. His enemies are Moon, Mars and Sun.

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 3, 6, 10, 11 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 1, 2,5,7,8,9,12 houses. Its Mulatrikona is Capricorn. It gets Exalted of Zodiac Sign Scorpio and gets Debilitated of Zodiac Sign Taurus. It shows influence around 48 years of age.

Details of this invisible planet:

  • Sanskrit word- Ketu
  • Relationship- Maternal Grandfather.
  • Sex- Neutral
  • Direction- None
  • Element-None
  • Color- Varigated
  • Gem- Cats eye
  • Type- Malefic
  • Metal- Mix, Mica
  • Neutrals- None
  • Aspects- None
  • Major Period- 20 (17%)
  • Own sign- Libra
  • Body Part- Nails, sexual organ
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Fish
  • God- Ganesh
  • Taste- Weird
  • Prakirti- Tamas
  • Physiology/ Disease- Nervous system and Spine. Poisoning, fever, plague, consumption, snake bite and wounds.

Main Specification

Spirituality, secrecy, enlightenment, complete knowledge, seclusion, indolence, eccentricity, renunciation, mysticism, esoteric knowledge, asceticism, psychic abilities, spirits, astral forces, ghosts, abstraction, separation, sublimation, transformation,  uncontrollable mass of energy, kundalini, brightness, spark, flame, smoke, lamp, television, apparition, intrigues, suspicion, witchcraft, corruption, scandals, hectic situations, excesses, sudden events, any unusual or striking phenomenon, accidental incidents, unexpected changes, panic, poison, fever, intestinal worms, epidemics, hindrances, stammering, comets, falling star, asteroids. When afflicted it signifies suspicious nature of mind, worries, hidden difficulties, impediments, insanity, unforeseen circumstances and amputation.

Ketu or South Node is known for spirituality. Such persons have the great healing power through tantric and spiritual power. Period fixed to Ketu Mahadasha is 7 years.  Ketu or South Node, if placed favourably in position, brings a lot of intuition, luxury and wisdom to a person. If unfavourable, he causes needless depression, anxiety, poor concentration, boundless worries and ghost related problems.

Neptune is highly idealistic, compassionate and imaginative. The more negative manifestations of Ketu include trickery, guilt, deceit, deception and addiction associated with alcohol, drugs or even fantasy and media and fantasy. 

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