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Ketu Yagya

    Ketu Yagya Superior
    Ketu Yagya Superior
    $ 714.00

Ketu Yagya Superior

Astrologically; Lord Ketu is connected with occultism, trouble to enemies, ultimate salvation. The person, who wants to augment these aspects in his life, should opt for Ketu Yagya.

Since Lord Ketu is also connected with deafness, defects of speech, intestinal worms, besides diseases indicated by Rahu, ‘’® suggests Ketu Yagya for recovery from or healing from these physical problems. It is always recommended for the persons, who are passing through adverse Dasa/ transit of Lord Ketu

Ketu also means the dragon tail and this Yagya/ Pooja is devoted to planet Ketu. The Ketu Graha Shanti Pooja Yagya for the planet Ketu is suggested to those whose Ketu is incorrectly placed in their birth chart/ horoscope. Ketu Yagya/ Pooja helps a lot who are facing problem because of Ketu planet.

According to Jyotish astrology, the south node side of the moon is known as Ketu and is also related to the happening of eclipse. The physical structure of divine Ketu consists of snakehead and the body to that of demons. The nature of Ketu is fiery and hence is considered as the planet of holiness.

All the ill effects due to Lord Ketu can be nullified by doing the Ketu Yagya with full devotion. Ketu is conceptualized as the shadow planet and hence does not have any sign in the horoscope owned by it. Ketu lives for 18 months in each house/ zodiac sign.

This Yagya, in combination with Rahu Yagya, is highly effective and beneficial in removing the ill effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha, if present in the Horoscope. Many of our clients have testified perceivable effects of performance of this Yagya, in combination with Rahu Yagya.

Ketu dasha marriage is one of the dangerous problems for all, who have Ketu in their rashi, so Ketu Yagya is the best Ketu remedies Vedic astrology for the persons, who want to avoid ill effects throughout period of Ketu Maha Dasa from Ketu Dasa start to Ketu Dasa ending.

People who have Ketu incorrectly placed in their horoscope face ill effects like theft, bad habit, pitra dosha, scarcity and the degradation. Even though the Ketu is considered as extremely malefic, but it does bestow in helpful sense as well. For example, in the helpful conditions, Ketu facilitates religious progression and wealth.

The lord Ketu is worshipped with Lord Shiva. Yagya for Ketu is generally done in the nighttime and during the Yagya/ Pooja, offerings of blue flowers, sesame seed, oil is done. Clothes, blankets and food are distributed which is beneficial for the cause.

Lord Ketu is connected with religion, knowledge, freedom, weapons and carrier of arms and physical disabilities. Several other special aspects of planet Ketu are wisdom, snakebite, business and leprosy. The planet Ketu is indicated to be the worldly wise malefic and religiously benefice because it causes distress and defeat in material things, which eventually turns the individual into divinity.

‘’® conducts this Yagya with Vedic Mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses relating to Goddess Shakti/ Durga. Some of our esteemed patrons, who wanted to potentiate their occult powers or some, who wanted to crush their enemies, have been highly benefitted from this Yagya. Yagya for Ketu is one of the best Ketu Mahadasha remedy to remove Ketu Dasha effects.


The benefits that can be achieved through Ketu Graha Yagya/ Pooja are-

  • One can stay sheltered from the wicked spirits.
  • The snakebite outcome becomes negligible and the life is secured.
  • One can win over the opponents and all the rivals’ effects can be diminished.
  • This Yagya is highly effective and beneficial in removing the ill effects of Kaal Sarpa Dosha, if performed in combination with Rahu Yagya.
  • Increases religious growth.
  • All the mishaps in the life are removed
  • The prosperity and possessions remain unhindered and undamaged.
  • Ketu Yagya is also very effective in removing effects of Kaalsarpa Yog.
  • Ketu Yagya annihilates calamities due to inauspicious Ketu Dasa and saves from bad effects of Ketu Dasa.
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