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The Khajurao Temples – Much More Than a Collection of Erotic Sculptures

A Brief Glimpse into History
Khajurao is one of the most famous and ancient cities of Madhya Pradesh. Khajurao was the cultural capital of the region ruled by the Chandel Rajputs between the 10th and the 12th centuries. It was during this time that most of the world-famous temples of Khajurao were constructed. Since the Rajputs rarely lived in the city, it does not have any forts. Even after the Chandel Rajputs shifted their capital to Mahoba, the city continued to flourish mainly because of its numerous temples. 

About The Khajurao Temples
Khajurao is primarily known for its beautifully sculptured temples. These temples which date back to the medieval period are mostly dedicated to Hindu and Jain Gods and Goddess. These temples, which were built from sandstone, were constructed without the use of mortar. Rather, mortise and tenon joints were used to hold the stones together. This in itself is an indication of the skill and the precision of the artisans who helped built these temples as such construction requires great accuracy and talent.  Even though as many as 80 temples were built originally, today only 25 remain standing in a condition good enough to be preserved for future generations.  
The one thing that makes Khajurao temples so distinct is sexual and erotic nature of the sculptures that are found there. It is because of these that the temples are also known by the name of Kamasutra temples. However, not many people are aware of the fact that only 10% of the sculptures in these temples are based on a sexual or erotic theme. It is also common for people to justify the presence of such images in temples by claiming that the sculptures depict the sexual activities between deities. It is also believed that the erotic sculptures of Khajurao temples are inspired from tantric sexual practices, which might have been commonplace during the Chandel rule.

Places of attractions other than temples in Khajurao
A visit to Khajurao remains incomplete if the below mentioned places are not seen
 Raneh Falls: This falls is on the Ken River which is almost 20 kms away from Khajurao. The natural beauty of the surroundings will impress you. Raneh falls is a collection of falls and are majorly active during the monsoon season.
Ken Nature Trail:  This is basically a major part of the forest region which is located surrounding the Raneh falls. If you want to discover the flora and fauna of the wildlife then do visit this place for sure.
Benisagar Lake: This Lake is located very near to a dam which is built on the river Khudar. You can enjoy boating in this lake.
Panna National Park: A popular wildlife destination known for Royal Bengal tiger conservation.

Other Attractions
Even though visiting the temples is good enough in itself, visitors are treated to other attractions as well. These primarily include a sound and light show conducted in a professional manner open lawns of the temple complex, everyday. The hour long show focuses on depicting the history, philosophy and the sculpting of the temples. There is also the annual Khajurao Dance Festival, which is organized during the first week of February, where visitors are able to enjoy the various classical dance forms of India in the backdrop of these famous temples.

Things to buy at Khajurao:
Sculptures:  Sculptures made of iron, brass or stone of the figures of poses of Kama sutra are major specialty of Khajurao and must for collection and decoration of home.


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