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Get to know Kurukshetra or the Holy City better
About the historically and religiously significant place
Kurukshetra is said to owe its name from the ancestors of the Kauravas and Pandavas, King Kuru. One of the most important events in History took place here, the Kurukshetra War of the Mahabharata. The religious book, Bhagwad Gita was preached here when Lord Krishna realized that Arjuna was in search of some mental balance and direction. While earlier this land was a part of Punjab it now comes under the Haryana State. The sacredness of this place cannot go unnoticed; it is a very popular pilgrimage site. The number of holy shrines, Gurudwaras, kunds, devout centres and others experience increasing number of tourists with every passing year. This city is known to have existed even before the Harrapan civilization.

Kurukshetra attractions

    • Krishna MuseumBrought to life in 1987 is the famous Krishna Museum which depicts the entire life of the multi-faceted Lord Krishna. There are numerous artifacts from the 1st till the 11th century preserved here. Different aspects of Lord Krishna’s life are portrayed through drawings and articles written by people from across the globe.
    • Brahma SarovarThis water body holds a lot of significance till date because as per the Hindu mythology, it is from here that Lord Brahma created the mother Earth. Brahma Sarovar witnesses a sudden inflow of tourists during the solar eclipse as it is believed that a dip in this water body during the eclipse will wash away all sins.
    • Sannihit SarovarThis is considered to be the meeting place for the sacred seven Saraswathies. Sannihit Sarovar is believed to be the abode of Lord Vishnu. Devotees do not leave without a dip in the holy water for the reason being the holy water will remove all their sins. Kumbha Mela here attracts thousands of devotees and visitors every year.
    • Bhadrakali TempleThis temple is associated very closely to the Pandavas. It is believed that the Pandavas had prayers and performed rituals here before the final battle against the Kauravas. There are numerous incarnations of Goddess Kali here. Its recent renovation with a red stone makes it attractive like never before.
  • Sthaneshwar Mahadev TempleThis place is another religiously important spots where Lord Vishnu is said to have blessed the Pandavas. People believe that the water of the tank here cured Banasura’s persistent leprosy problem. Devotees always visit this temple to feel closer to god because of its religious and spiritual attributes.
Other places of interest

There are many other places of tourist interest such as the Kurukshetra Panorama and Science Centre, Sheikh Chehli ka Makbara, Kapil Muni Tirtha, RantukaYaksh, Lakshmi Narayan Temple and others. You can easily get to Kurukshetra via road and air. This city is well connected to all the nearby popular places therefore for tourists especially devotees, getting here is very convenient. Since there are many number of people visiting year after year, one should book a place to stay well in advance. A mere online search will help you get acquainted to all the available hotels and inns.


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