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Calm and tranquil town where Gautam Buddha attained nirvana: Kushinagar
Located in Uttar Pradesh, Kushinagar is small yet beautiful town which is an important place for pilgrims from all across the world. As mentioned in the title, Kushinagar is the place where Gautam Buddha attained nirvana and because of this reason, many tourists come here. This is a small place where there are not many special attractions but this small place offers some amazing ones which will make your holiday memorable and you will feel enlightened. 

Culture and history of Kushinagar:
According to the folklores, it is said that once there were some locals who fed Gautam Buddha with some mushrooms or pork and after eating that he fell ill. After he got over the illness, Gautam Buddha attained Parinirvana. Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha made his resting place. There are many meditation centers and monasteries which are of great religious and cultural importance. The stupas here speak for the ancient architecture. Now the relics of the majestic past are left but you can still visit the monasteries and check out the beauty and magnificent charm.
The ancient past of Kushinagar has the strong influence of the Buddha period. It is said that this place is named after Lord Ram’s son Kush and there are some folklores which state that because in this place there is an abundance of Kush grass and Kushinagar is named after that. History is evident that it was a part of great kingdoms including, the Maurya, Shunga, Kushana, Gupta and Harsha.

Things to do and see in Kushnagar:
There are not many attractions in Kushnagar because as we have stated above, it is a small place but the rich history, great architecture and amazing culture of the place has so much to offer. Scroll down to check out some of the important attractions which are a must not miss.

Mathakuar Shrine:
Mathakur Shrine is an important attraction in Kushinagar. It is the oldest sacred place of the town where a statue of Lord Buddha is mounted. This shrine depicts the amazing lecture, beautiful art and rich culture of Buddhist in the palace.

Nirvana Temple:
 This is an ancient temple of Kushinagar mounted on a platform and there is a stupa behind it. The 6 meters long statue of Lord Buddha in a reclining position is breathtaking and amazingly attractive. You should not miss a visit to the Nirvana Temple because you will add beautiful memories to your holiday by making a visit here.

Ramabhar Stupa:
This place is also popular in the name of Mukutbandhan-Chaitya. It is this place where the cremation of Lord Buddha was done. It is located at a place which is almost 1.5 Km from the temple of Nirvana. This stupa consists of a circular drum in huge size having 34.14 meters diameter right at the top of the stupa. To reach the top terraces are made available.

Wat Thai Temple: 
This is a Thai Buddhist temple built in a huge complex in the typical Thai- Buddhist style of architecture.

Kushinagar Museum:
This is a popular stopover of tourists visiting Kushinagar. This museum is very close to the Indo Japan and Sri Lankan Buddhist Center. Here you can check out the vast collection of 248 precious antiques which are related to the history of the place. 

Meditation Park:
If you want to get drenched in the beauty of nature and give your body, mind and soul a refreshing healing, you should not miss this meditation park of Kushnagar. Mostly people who visit this park come for meditation because the setting of this place is relaxing and fit for meditation.  To attain complete peace of mind and soul, you can sit here and concentrate, here you can check out the natural beauty and the complete tranquility. The trees and the beautiful plantation in this park is just too amazing and spending some time here will add great peace to your life.

Shopping in Kushnagar: Since Kushnagar is a small town of Uttar Pradesh, there are no shopping malls here, but you can surely buy some interesting handicrafts from the local markets. The traditional handicrafts from Kushnagar make great gifts for friends and family.  You can also buy the authentic silk Sarees from here. Another must buy includes the Chikankari and embroidery which are famous since ancient times.


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