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Lapis Lazuli (Lājward)

Lapis Lazuli (Lājward/ Lajvart)


Lapis lazuli is the symbol of tenderness, sympathy and love and is most admired soft stone of deep blue color. It is an excellent stone for executives and journalists. Lapiz lazuli is considered very powerful in increasing mind power and concentration level.  Lapis lazuli  or Lajwart  is said to represent royalty, honor, God and powers.

Lapis is stone that protects against psychic attack and releases the stress. It is highly recommended for teachers, lecturer and speakers. User of lapis lazuli stone is blessed with deep communication.  It brings cool and caring environment with children and mates. The secondary effect of lapis is upon kidney, helping in elimination of toxin elements.

Benefits of Lajward gemstone:

  • Increase vitality and strength.
  • Improves oxygenation of blood and immune system.
  • It cures fever, depression, melancholia, neuralgia.
  • It also cures spasms, tonsillitis, and anxiety, autism.
  • It balances hormone and other disorder.
  • It also keeps you away from depression.
  • It is also used in liver and stomach problems. 

Lapis lazuli stone offers the users fame and respect.  Mother who is expected of giving birth to baby also uses it. Lapi lazuli is also used to avoid misunderstanding between love ones. It increases self-knowledge. Lapis Lazuli enhances the interconnectivity of the higher bodies with the physical body, resulting in a heightened willingness to communicate freely from outer world. provides you best Lapis, well energized charged and preprogrammed by Āchary Kalki Krishna himself.  Come to us know what is lapis, lapis lazuli meaning and buy lapis online.

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