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Mahamrityunjaya (Victory to death) Yantra

Maha mrityunjaya yantra

The ‘’®  strongly recommends  Maha Mritunjaya Yantrafor all the persons in pain and misery, afflicted with chronic diseases and those in bondage. This is ultimate reliever. This is a Yantra to free the fear of death, grave dangers, fatal diseases and makes him courageous and healthy. Maha Mritunjay yantra dispels all sort of fears, influence of evil planets, fear of spirits and ghosts, accidental death and disease etc.

Astrologically,  Maha Mritunjaya Yantra is highly useful, when there is cumulative effect of Saturn and Mars in a birth chart or in transit, to avoid any accident or accidental death. Maha Mritunjaya Yantra is worshipped with  Maha Mritunjaya Yantra, the details of which can be found at

The worship of this Yantra frees the fear of death, grave dangers, and fatal diseases and makes courageous and healthy. It dissolves fretfulness, dreads, fears, ill effects of malicious planets, apparitions, diseases and death by mishap. After honest dedication with puja, this yantra may be dipped in a container of water for drinking to check or heal ailments. The holy water may also be splashed through the home for synchronization and comfort. For averting effects of drifting spirits and other catastrophes, this Yantra can also be fastened on the outer gates of the home after puja. 

 Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by  Achary Kalki Krishnanhimself, ‘’®  energizes/ consecrates this Yantra with Vedic mantras, beautifully combining with some other potent verses, before being forwarded to you. Some of our esteemed clients, who wanted to achieve financial heights in their life, have been highly benefited from this Yantra.

Installing ‘ Mahamrityunjaya (Victory to death) Yantra’: Detailed procedure for installing this Yantra and mantra, to be recited by you, which are very specific to this Yantra, are sent by  ‘’®  to you along with your Yantra. Since, each Yantra is unique and different, so is its procedure and Mantra; hence we at  ‘’®  do not believe in generalizing the things. Hence, we recommend Mantra specific to this Yantra only.

Beware of so called energized  Mahamrityunjaya (Loan removal) Yantras sent by Web shops and websites run by businessmen, who have only profit in their minds. Yantras by them are simply printed metal pieces, not going to do anything good for you. To know, how ‘ Mahamrityunjaya (Victory to death) Yantra’ is different from Yantras provided by other suppliers, please go through the section ‘We are unique- an eye opener’.

You are also warned against so called laminated Bhojpatra Yantra, supplied by other websites. These are actually laminated paper with Bhojpatra imprints. Just ask them to provide same Yantra, before being laminated and see their excuses. Contact us to fulfill your requirement of Handmade Yantra on actual and original Bhojpatra, since printing is impossible on Bhojpatra.

Note: The Design of the Yantra may differ from the image shown above, as we keep on upgrading our Yantras in the light of continuous and extensive research done by us. We also improvise the design of the Yantra, keeping in view the specific planetary position, specific requirement or desire of the client. Our authentic, detailed and to some extent lengthy process of energizing/ consecrating (Pranapratishtha) of Yantras take at least seven days, hence while ordering for Yantras from us, keep this aspect in mind.

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