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Maha Mritunjaya mantra


This is known as Maha Mritunjaya mantra. This Maha Mritunjaya mantra is from the Rig-Veda. OM is not spelt out in the Rig-Veda, but has to be added in the beginning to get full benefit of Mantra. This mantra is a prayer to Lord Shiva to save from death, it actually means both premature death in this material world through accidents, diseases etc., and also the deaths caused by taking birth over and over, thus it prays for final liberation, i.e. Moksha.  Anybody can recite this mantra and attain good health, release from bondage and other problems.

The word Maha Mrityunjaya literally means, 'The Great Mantra to Conquer Mortality'. This mantra addresses to Lord Shiva and works very well for problems like mental & physical diseases, pains, bondages etc.

Without going into philosophical and metaphysical aspects of this Maha Mantra, for which one may contact     ‘® , the literal translation of the same is as follows:
Om - we sing the praise of The Three-Eyed (Lord Shiva), who is fragrant and nourishes all beings. I am suffering from bondage and deadly diseases, may He grant me the life renewing nectar to release me from death, for the sake of final liberation..

 Out of Hindu Trinity of Lord Brahma, the Creator; Lord Vishnu, The Sustainer and Lord Shiva, the Destroyer; the Lord Shiva  rules the guna (quality) of Tamas, the tendency toward disintegration and annihilation. Whatever has a beginning surely has to have an end. Nothing can ever escape from the phase of destruction. And it is destruction that causes further creation. Therefore, destruction is actually the ultimate reason for creation. Ultimately, Lord Shiva means the death of death - i.e., the endless, eternal stable existence.

The  ‘®  strongly recommends Maha Mritunjaya mantra for all the persons in pain and misery, afflicted with chronic diseases and those in bondage. This is ultimate reliever. This mantra is very popular in Vedic tradition, for alleviating diseases, physical and emotional disturbances, for ensuring a long and healthy life.

 Special Note: Detailed procedure for chanting Mantra specific to you; the auspicious time to start chanting; the specific Japa beads (rosaries) to be used for specific mantra; specific number of chanting the Mantra; the Yantra, if any, to be used with Mantra chanting; other materials, if required for optimizing results of mantra chanting is sent by  ‘®  to you.  No additional charges are made by  ‘®  for the above items/ services.
 Since, Vedic scriptures rule out chanting of any mantra, which has not received directly from any Guru, the 
 ‘®  does not suggest chanting of mantra noted down from here or from any other source and absolves itself from any side effect caused to any chanter, who does not follow these guidelines.
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