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Maha Saraswati Yagya

Maha Saraswati Yagya Superior

Goddess of intelligence, wisdom, learning; she is worshipped by all the artists, students, writers and intellectuals for enhanced memory and progress in the studies and fine arts. Saraswati Yagam is done to appease Maa Saraswati.

The benediction of Saraswati Devi gives Gnana (knowledge), Buddhi (thinking capacity), improves memory remembrance mainly in children studying. Performing this pooja is very essential for every child to set up a better career in the life. Also, it helps to achieve all the Vedic knowledge.

Goddess Saraswati, the wife of Lord Brahma, is the representative Goddess of all forms of knowledge – i.e., learning, singing etc. She is the deity, who grants us success in acting, dancing, research, music, Education, singing, painting, sculpture etc. She is also the ruling deity of speech and dialect and called Vagdevi or Ma Vani. In Hindu ritual, before starting anything one greets one’s Guru, Saraswati and Ganesha. These three adorations are called Vandana Trayee.

Saraswati Puja Yagya for students is highly recommended prior to their examinations. For those looking for better results in studies, or expertise and achievement in arts, music dance etc. or for those suffering from tongue defects like stammering stutter etc, Mahasaraswati Yagya is highly suggested.

Maestros and students of all the streams, e.g. sculpture, singer, painter use to worship Goddess Saraswati every day, strictly. Saraswati Yagya is highly suggested for children prior to their examinations and for artists before their vital performances.

Our customers have reported remarkable improvements in the performance of their children in the examinations, after Maa Saraswati Yagya/ pooja. One of our patrons, choreographer by profession, started to evolve new ideas and reached height of her career in no time, after sponsoring Saraswati Yagna, in combination to Maha Ganpati and Maha Laxmi Yagya.


  • For name, fame, success.
  • For fulfillment of wishes.
  • For providing one with desired success in educational field and other learning.
  • For Improving family happiness.
  • For helping in improving knowledge and success in education.
  • For sharpening the brain and getting better memory.
  • For controlling stammering, in case an individual stutters.
  • For attaining peaceful and powerful mind
  • For speeding up learning of the students
  • For encouraging students for higher education.
  • For getting good results in the examination.
  • For getting inspiration to gain mastery in any art.
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