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Maha Durga Pooja / Maha Shakti Yagya

Maha Durga Pooja Yagya Superior’® performs Navratri Yagya/ Havan, strictly in conformity to the dicta given in Durga Saptashati, a part of Markandeya Purana. Durga, is the Celestial Destroyer of adversities, mishaps, tragedies, sufferings as well as ignorance. In case of imminent danger, court cases, political persecution, this Yagya is highly recommended. Durga Anusthan is done to please Maa Durga.

Maha Durga Yagya is very potent and complex Yagya. When we perform this Yagya, it brings huge affirmative energy. Performing this Yagya is a great matter of value and pleasure. This Yajna has the capacity to fulfill desires of all the needy natives and help them in the way that makes them excel in their activities.

Maha Shakti Yagya is performed in order to appease Maa Durga to get the huge power of the Divine Mother, which is bestowed upon you, helping you out in difficult times. ThisYagyam has the power to exchange all the harmful energies into the optimistic one and revive the environment with great excitement and passion. All the negativity is transformed into positive vibrations.

Durga Saptashati path Yagya has huge power that helps you to come out of the even hardest hardships of life and make your life smooth sailing and problem free. Chandi Havan Yagya  involves the mantras from Durga Sapta Shati that are 700 in entirety, these mantras are extended over 13 chapters of Markandeya Purana. Durga Puja Yagya Vidhi is so potent that the hardships of time that seem to be depressing can be conquered by performing theDurga Puja Yagya and the problems of life can be solved.

Performing Maha Shakti Yagna minimizes the obstacles in the path of your achievement and makes it simple for you to undertake the activities successfully. Maa Shakti Puja Yagyahelps to get free of everyday troubles in your life and makes it simple to carry on further in a successful way; it combines the powers of the divine mother Maa Durga.
Ma Durga, is worshipped in this Maa Shakti Puja Yagya in order to please her. She then blesses the individual with plenty of positivity and achievements in life.

Having felt miraculous benefits of Shakti Yagya, some of our regular patrons, who are at the helm of affairs, order this Yagya at the regular intervals. This highly potential Yagya, especially when done at any Shakti Peetha, and more so at the auspicious times, especially chosen for this Yagya, become more potent and is able to give astounding results. We suggest this Yagya on Ashtami days and NavaRatri days.


  • For divine elegance and protection of Maa Shakti.
  • For self-assurance and strength.
  • For protection and remedy from illness.
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