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What is mantra

What is Mantra?

Mananaat Trayate Iti Sah Mantrah

So has been said by the wise ancient seers while defining the word Mantra. It means which liberates, when focused upon, is Mantra. Liberation from worries, liberation from failures, liberation from discontentment, liberation from evil effects of planets, liberation from cycle of life and death, liberation from fears and insecurities and liberation from everything unpleasant in your life and even afterwards.


A Mantra is a religious or mystical syllable, word, sentence or poem and its power has been acknowledged since time immemorial. A mantra may or may not have a literal meaning. Mantras contain powerful sounds, which when repeatedly chanted produce great effects. Process of repeated chanting is called Japa. Japa is a key part of Vedic prayer. If Mantra has a literal meaning, then, while doing Japa, one should meditate on the mantra as well as its meaning. By this process, the mantra conditions the mind and takes up to the higher states and forms the path to the great liberation - eternal bliss!

The Vedic science of Mantras is very highly developed. There is almost literally a mantra for everything. For thousands of years, the Vedic saints and seers have recommended using mantras for relief of all kinds of karmic difficulties, even health problems, work and love problems, or the existential problems of life itself.

The mantras, given on this website, are for informative purposes only. It is not suggested to chant them blindly. These mantras have great power in them, in the vibration created while uttered. An appropriate mantra is a great blessing whereas an inappropriate mantra can cause unbelievable misfortune. There are certain methods and ways in the horoscope to find out which mantra would be suitable for you - such as the syllables, starting letters, sequence of letters and many more. These have to be carefully checked and only then a mantra should be suggested, or otherwise a mantra can be 'rectified' according to your chart.

Where to get your own Vedic Mantra?

The committed team of experienced Vedic Pundits and Jyotish Pandits, under personal supervision of Acharya Kalki Krishna, has gone through the great depository of Mantras, not only in the ancient language Sanskrit, but also in other languages of India like Pali, Prakrit, Brahmi, Tamil, etc. This team has also researched great tradition of ‘Shabar Mantras’ established by ‘Nath’ Yogis.

The Mantras communicated by ‘’ i.e. AstroDevam Mantras’ are the result of painstaking research done by this committed team and this is the reason ‘Astro Vedic Mantras’ stand apart in the crowd of Mantras conveyed by undeserving and unqualified persons. Chanting an inappropriate mantra, or chanting a mantra in a wrong way can lead to very complicated and difficult situations. Hence, nothing but ‘Astro Vedic Mantras’ are the only resort for the persons, who want to take the benefit of Mantra-chanting.

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