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Mars/ Mangal Planets

Mars in Astrology is the chief of nine planets. Mars rules over bravery, self-confidence, courage, patience and leadership abilities. Mars makes its natives argumentative; short-tempered; commanders, generals, soldiers and policemen. It also gives them great technical and mechanical abilities.

When powerful in the chart it can show a volatile anger and great bravery. Its place indicates how the behaviour will assert itself, and what form of activity will rouse the physical energies, or the anger.

Mars (Mangal Grah) in Astrology gives energy, determination, drive, great administrative ability and a strong sense of purpose. The gemstone of Mars is Coral. Mars rules number 9 in indian numerology.

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 3,6,11 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 1,2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 houses. Out of personality aspects it represents Drive. Sun, Jupiter and Moon are friends and Mercury are enemy to the Mars. Its Mulatrikona is 00°- 18° Aries. It gets exalted at 28° of Zodiac Sign Capricorn and gets debilitated at 28° of Zodiac Sign Cancer. It shows influence around 28 years of age. The following lists will explain on features of Mars:

  • Sanskrit word- Mangal
  • Day- Tuesday
  • Relationship- Younger brother
  • Sex- Male
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- week
  • Direction- South
  • Element-Fire
  • Color- Red
  • Gem- Red Coral
  • Type- Malefic
  • Metal-Copper
  • Neutrals- Venus, Saturn
  • Aspects- ‘4-7-8
  • Major Period- 07 (06%)
  • Own sign- Aries, Scorpio
  • Body Part- Blood, red bone marrow, gallbladder.
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Lord Narsimha
  • God- Hanuman
  • Taste- Bitter
  • Prakirti- Tamas
  • Physiology/ Disease- Bile, Sinews, Muscles, Nose, Reproductive organs, Intestine, Nose and Disease associated with Pitta, Dysentry, piles, pox, boils and accident.


Main Significations

Mars signifies strength, energy, siblings (younger), initiative, independence, determination, endurance, courage, ambition, force of character, power, impatience, manliness, zeal, passion, pioneering, enthusiasm, adventure, competition, sports, frankness, resourcefulness, management, high thinking, research, laboratories, technology, chemistry, logic, difference of opinion, mathematics, antagonism, argument, misunderstanding, litigation, anger, fascism, war, aggression, weapons, soldiers, wounds, accidents, surgeons, engineers, dentists, fires (in the kitchen), operations, combustion engines, kitchen, fortification, mountains, landed property and desert .

When afflicted it signifies short temper, rashness, aggressive temperament, thievish nature, cunning, sexual malpractices, fanaticism, stubborn, impulsive desires and untrustworthy.

Its position in horoscope point towards the personality, and the modes of activity that will rouse the physical energies, or the anger. Mars also describes the promptness for action. Mars is violent in the physical sense, however, the force is also related to assertive and active thinking, acting and feeling. 

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