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The Mythological Place Mathura

Mathura is a very famous city of UP (Uttar Pradesh). This city is located at a distance of 50km from Agra. The Delhi to Mathura distance includes 145km. Besides this, the Vrindavan Mathura distance includes 11km. As per historical data Mathura was popular economical hub of the district. This city is the birth place for Lord Krishna. History says that this city is the capital of Surasena Kingdom which is ruled by the king Kansa. Where, Kansa the uncle of Lord Krishna used to rule. Mathura is popular as the Shri Krishna Janma-Bhoomi. Devotees from different parts of India as well as of the world visit Mathura to take blessings of Sri Krishna.

Must see in Mathura:

Ghats: There are many Theertham’s in Mathura and these Theertham’s are popularly called Ghats. It might sound quite surprising but this city has 25 Ghats, where each Ghat is connected to Lord Krishna. Doing Pooja to these Ghats will fill your life with lots of happiness and blessings of Lord Krishna.

Jama Masjid: This is a very famous mosque built by Abo-in-Nabir-Khan in the year 1661. This fort is located nearby to the Krishna janma bhoomi temple. The architecture of this mosque is a live example for mughal era.

Vishram Ghat: Vikram Ghat implies a resting place. This Ghat was constructed using large stone and marble stone arch. History says that Lord Krishna took rest in this place after winning over and killing Kansa his maternal uncle. Moreover this Ghat is surrounded by various temples like Murli manohar, Mukut temple etc which devotees visit in large number. The beautiful oil lamps which are lit by the devotees look great on river side during night.

Sri Keshav gaudiya math: Srimad Bhakthi Kesava Goswami had built this temple. The deities who are presiding in this temple include Sri Govardhan, Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Radha Vinod.

Rangbhoomi: This is the place where Kansa and Lord Krishna had a battle. Krishna killed Kansa in the battle finally in this place and set his parents free. A number of tourists visit this place daily due to its mythological significance. 

Kusum Sarovar: This Sarovar is located near Radha Kunj. This is place where Radha use to collect flowers along with gopis and meet Lord Krishna. This site also includes a great Kadamb tree, which is the favorite tree for Lord Krishna. Tourists can swim in this Sarovar. It is believed that a bath in this Sarovar will bring happiness in life and makes devotees free from all sins of life.
Besides above places, there are also some other places like Mathura museum, Govardhan hill, Buteswar Mahadev temple, Rangeswar Mahadev temple, Kans Qila, Gita temple, Dhwarekadessh temple, Krishna Janambhoomi temple etc. As there are many hotels in Mathura you can stay 2-3 days there and visit all these places. 

Peda: Mathura ke Pede is very popular all over India and when you visit this holy city it is must for you to collect this Peda back home.
Others: Mathura is famous for holy pendants, prayer books, images, incense sticks, rosaries etc. The right place to do shopping in Mathura would be the market near Dhwarekadessh temple. You will find everything at a cheaper cost in this market. Shop your favorite things in Mathura to gift them to your beloved ones as a memory of Mathura.


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