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Moonstone (Chandra Kant Mani)

Moonstone gemstone

Moonstone holds power of mystery. Since earliest times, Moonstone has been a tangible connection to the magic of the moon.  moonstone, ruled by Lord Chandra (moon), a semi precious moonstone or up ratna. Moonstone gemstone works as antennae towards orange cosmic rays. The moonstone provided by is of best quality and highly effective. These are most dazzling stones with amazing clarity and rich colour. Although many of us are still confused with the meaning of moonstone, this sacred stone has been used by roman nearly by thousands years ago.

Benefits of Moonstone gemstone are:
  • It brings good fortune.
  • Offers protection on land and sea.
  • Promotes inspiration.
  • Works as healing gemstone.

Moonstone helps to prevent the following disease:

  • Constipation, cardiac troubles, eye diseases, lunacy.
  • Cold, cough, colic pains, worms, intestinal disorders, tumours, peritonitis, throat troubles, asthma, varicose loins.
  • Nervous debility, cancer, typhoid and diseases relating to nerves, intestines, uterus, bladder. provides you the best moonstone that protects you from many unhealthy practices. In harmony with the tides and rhythms of our mother earth, it influences our behaviours, emotions and spiritual growth. AstroVedic moonstone calms and encourages, teaching us the natural rhythms of life.  Moonstone is especially protective of those who travel by night or upon the water, when the moon is shining.

Chandra Kant Mani is highly recommended for the people who are born in cancer rashi. Moonstone is good for women and for those people who are engaged in business of liquid. For maximum effects, Moonstone should be worn in a silver ring or in a locket at the prescribed time, after having bath, worshiping the ring or the locket. Complete procedure for wearing Gemstone and mantra specific to you, to be recited by you is sent by ‘’® to you along with your Gemstone.

The moonstones provided by are unique, well energized and programmed and here you can buy moonstone online.
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