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Meditation is a practice in which practitioner trains or focuses his mind to realize some benefit. This term, called ‘Dhyana’ in Sanskrit, can refer to the state itself, as well as to practices or techniques employed to cultivate the state. The difference between prayer and meditation can be understood by saying that during prayer, we ask God for something, and during meditation, God speaks to us. It may also be said that in case of Prayer there is presumption that God is separate from us, due to which we pray and make demands with him. However, in case of Meditation, we become one with the God and dualism between us and God melts. And when you become one with the God, you start to burn your Karmic effects and ultimately what happens that whatever may be permutations and combinations in your Vedic Horoscope, they cease to affect your life negatively. 

Meditation as a practice is an effort to motivate the mind from its natural tendency to generate thoughts. While meditating, we relax our mind and focus it on a divine form, a sacred sound or a word or phrase as mantra, or on our physical body, breath or thoughts. Meditation is a safe and proven means for lifting the level of one's consciousness. It is as good to our mental, emotional and psychological faculties as is nourishment to the body. In over 1,000 published research studies, various methods of meditation have been linked to changes in metabolism, blood pressure, brain activation, and other bodily processes.

Meditation need not always be simply sitting quietly in a secluded place, in relaxation, absorbed in the Oneness. One can also perform meditation while engaged in your daily chores. At present there are hundreds of methods, you can perform meditation. There are plethora of books, websites, individuals and organizations, who are popularizing and teaching art and science of mediation in their own ways.

You can approach any of them after checking their credentials. However, after an extensive research, ‘’® has found that all the systems of meditation do not suit to everyone. We have recorded incidents where people went into depression or became hyper, after meditating in a particular way, taught by even very famous Yoga Gurus. They forget that each and every person has unique emotional and psychological composition and you cannot generalize a single system of meditation for all and sundry.

Experienced and competent team of ‘’® gives specific and precise guidance, in this regard, to you after going through

  • Unique permutations and combinations of your accurately prepared Vedic Horoscope,
  • Basic nature of each and every Graha (Planet), especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  • Circumstantial nature of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  due to their unique placement in your horoscope,
  • Shadbala (Six types of strengths) of each and every Graha (Planet) , especially royal planets,  in your horoscope,
  • The zodiac sign as well as Nakshatra (Star/ Mansion) occupied by the royal planets, especially moon,
  • Current running Dasa and transit of your horoscope,
  • The specific problems being faced by you,
  • Goals and aims, desired to be achieved by you.

Only, after this complex and intensive exercise, we suggest you the modus operandi to be used by you for meditation, the unique syllable on which you have to focus upon while meditating. This is the reason that meditative technique suggested by ‘’®, never fail to deliver the required results.

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