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Mercury/ Budhha Planet

Mercury in Hindu Astrology represents the intellect and mind, and rules Gemini and Virgo. It has its adoration in Aquarius. Mercury is an airy planet, connected with all forms of communication and out-flow and in-flow of communication and intelligence. Its position shows how the mental function will be expressed, and where skills and techniques are available to you.

Mercury retrograde that occurs three times a year for about 3 weeks every time, is interpreted chiefly strongly. The Mercury retrograde period is not a good time for making new business plans or new decisions, but it is perfect for reflecting on the current situation. It is best to silently see the inner process for the period of Mercury retrograde, and to carry forward with the future plans.

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 2,4,6,8,10,11 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 1,3,5,7,9,12 houses. Out of personality aspects it represents Intellegence. Sun and Venus are friends and Moon are enemy to the Mercury. Its Mulatrikona is 16°-20° Virgo. It gets exalted at 15° of Zodiac Sign Virgo and gets debilitated at 15° of Zodiac Sign Pisces. It shows influence around 32 years of age. The following lists will help you to understand the features of Mercury:

  • Sanskrit word- Budha
  • Day- Wednesday
  • Relationship- Maternal Uncle and all blood relations.
  • Sex- Neutral
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- 2 Months
  • Direction- North
  • Element-Earth
  • Color- Green
  • Gem- Green Emerald
  • Type- Depends
  • Metal-Lead
  • Neutrals- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn
  • Aspects- ‘7
  • Major Period- 18 (15%)
  • Own sign- Gemini, Virgo
  • Body Part- Nerve tissue, skin, arms, shoulders, hands, intestines and respiratory canal.
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Budha
  • God- Durga
  • Taste- Mixed
  • Prakirti- Rajas
  • Physiology/ Disease- Tongue, Bowels, Bronchial tube, Sensorium, Gastric juice, Nerve centres and Hands. Loss of memory, epilepsy, loss of memory or speech, vertigo and dyspepsia.


Main Significations

Intellect, maternal uncle, speech, blood relatives, intelligence, friends , language, learning, teaching, education, dexterity in speech, science , medicine, explanation, understanding, philosophy, rationality, interpretation, curiosity, discrimination, inquisitiveness, study, analysis, memory, scrutiny, calculation, mathematics, communication, publicity, measurement, journalism, literature, books, writing, magazines, newspapers, telephone, radio, television, computers, advertisements, skills, ingenuity, refinement, inventions, adaptability, architecture, sculptures, artistic taste, humour, tricks, imitation, jokes, adolescent nature, play, poetry, multiplicity, swiftness, duplicity, sports, short travels, friend, co-ordinator, mixture, mediator, transaction, distribution, business, trade, accountancy, auditing, commerce, diplomacy, playgrounds, gardens, politics, libraries, post offices, schools, palatial buildings. When badly affected it signifies conceit, boastful, mischievousness, untruthful, deception and slander, legal, mischief-monger and religious troubles, poor judgement and contentions.

Mercury is concerned with journeys and transport, chiefly short journeys. It is also associated with intellect and mentality. Mercury seeks to comprehend by inquiry: analysing and questioning. Mercury is also connected to the nervous system as the nerves are the communication system of our body. It is linked with co-ordination, both mentally and physically.

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