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Moon/ Chandra Planets

Moon in Astrology represents Lord Shiva. Moon represents the female or mother principle, the power that creates and preserves. The colour of Moon is white. Nature is wise, mucus-dominated and learned. It rules comfort, peace of mind and kismet of a person.

Moon is a sign of femininity, imagination, fertility and memory. It is particularly essential in a woman's chart because it express more or less her femininity. In a man's chart, Moon in Vedic Astrology represents his sensitivity. In addition, it symbolizes the chart owner's mother, and also his wife.

Its Gochar (Transit) is considered positive in 1,3,6,7,10 houses. On the other hand, its Gochar is considered negative in 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12 houses. Out of personality aspects it represents Mind. Sun and Mercury are friends and none are enemy to the Moon. Its Mulatrikona is 04°- 30° Taurus. It gets exalted at 03° of Zodiac Sign Taurus and gets debilitated at 03° of Zodiac Sign Scorpio. It shows influence around 24-25 years of age.

The Moon gives sense of purpose, illumination, intuitive nature, taste, attractive appearance, youth, and love of poetry, music and fine arts, love of jewellery, wealth, sensuality, and good fortune. It makes us moody sensitive and emotional. The following lists will help you to take a glance on features of Moon:

  • Sanskrit word- Chandra
  • Day- Monday
  • Relationship- Mother
  • Sex- Female
  • Lagan Lord in Navamas- Minute
  • Direction- North West
  • Element-Water
  • Colour- White
  • Gem- Pearl
  • Type- Depends
  • Metal-Silver
  • Neutrals- All others
  • Aspects- ‘7
  • Major Period- 10 (08%)
  • Own sign- Cancer
  • Body Part- Chyle, Serum, Lungs, Stomach, Left eye, Breast
  • Avatar/ Incarnation- Lord Krishna
  • God- Shiv
  • Taste- Salty
  • Prakirti- Sattva
  • Physiology/ Disease- Face, Lymph, Lungs, Glands, Left eye, Wombs, Tonsils, Breasts, Stomach, Blood circulation and Kidneys. Cold, cough, Phthysis, Lunacy and Colics.

Main Significations:

Moon signifies mind (manas), feelings, moods, fancies, emotions, desires, imagination, vision, softness, charming eyes, memory, passion, image, charm, feminine tendencies, motherly love, protection, nourishment, childhood, growth, women, romance, pleasures, celebrations, amusement, singing, fertility, vegetation, laughter, herbs, grains, adaptability, agriculture, flexibility, common sense, public opinion, popularity, manners, sensitivity, tenderness, politeness, juicy fruits, sweetmeats, milk, liquids, water, rivers, oceans, seamen, watery places, fishermen, travelling agents, journeys, restaurants, bathing places, popular resorts, bathrooms, nurseries. When afflicted it signifies unsteadiness, lack of mental balance, poor abilities, delays, obstacles, moodiness, pessimism, extravagance and melancholy.

For persons whose Moon is wrongly placed in their horoscopes, success becomes difficult. Sometimes it becomes hard to achieve a comfy life on earth. It shows influence around twenty-two years of age.

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