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Moti (Pearl) Mala / Rosary

Pearl (Mukta, Moti) Mala / Rosary

Pearl is connected with the Planet moon, which indicates your mind, consciousness and knowledge. Wearing Pearl Mala has proven profitable for many because of its divine energy. One who wears Moti (Pearl) Mala appreciates favourable luck and is blessed by Goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth), and acquires vitality and knowledge. He accomplishes a high position by his knowledge and becomes famous.

Pearl Mala with a yellow shine brings abundance and fortune. Moti Mala likewise makes one clever and intelligent, bring reputation and good fortunes. In case, the Planet Moon is destructively placed in the Horoscope chart of anyone in a negative way, it tends to block the possibilities of leading casual and comfortable life. For such individuals, wearing Original Moti Mala has been found highly useful.

Original Pearl Moti Mala:

  • Planet: Moon
  • Other Name: Moti
  • Colour: Moonlike, shining white colour
  • Chakra: Swadhisthana chakra

The Astrological benefits of The Peal/ Moti Mala

Wearing Pearl Mala helps in lessening the unfavourable effects caused by inauspicious Planet Moon in a person’s Birth Chart.The presence of the inauspicious Planet in the Horoscope can bring about sadness in mind with disharmony in present relation. To nullify the harmful effects of this planet, astrologically original Moti Mala is the best remedy. Pearl Mala is suitable for Zodiac sign Gemini (Mithun) and Cancer (Kark).

Benefits of Pearl Mala include:

  • Moti (Pearl) Mala balances emotional life
  • Moti Mala provides better memory
  • It is a significator of mind
  • Wearer is blessed with love and relaxation of mind
  • Pearl Mala also increases sexual strength and makes conjugal life blissful.

Moti Mala Online brings mind relaxation and increases positive energy. Pearl Mala is the center of female energy. This powerful Moti Mala is awesome for women to cure a couple of illnesses. It also enhances harmony amidst husband and wife.

Moti Mala helps to solve various problems related to misery and distrust. It inspires love, affection and faith between the partners. It likewise gives solid memory and helps cure restlessness, uterine issues, heart afflictions, and so on. Pearl stone Mala likewise increases creative energy and love for arts and music.

Moti Mala by, are potentiated with cosmic energy and well-energized by Āchary Kalki Krishnan himself. Our customers who are using Pearl Mala are exceedingly benefited.

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