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Mrigasira Nakshatra

Mrigasira  Nakshatra

Mrigasira Nakshatra which is  23.20 to 6.20. Devta of this Nakshatra is Chandra/Moon and ruled by Mars. Symbol is Antelope or Deer. The word Mriga represents forests, private ground to travel, a huntsman, a guide and teacher, attractive face, because of Chandra/Moon. Chandra is the lord of the mind, so mental approach, good or bad, they may have great thoughts.

Shukra/Venus and Chandra/Moon both are female grahas (planets) with difference that while Chandra/Moon is the Lord of motherhood, Shukra/Venus is the lord of womanly beauty; Chandra is the lord of aquatic products and of medicines. Those born in the Mrigasira Nakshatra are honest, beautiful, enjoy material goods and poverty, clean in heart, clear, sage-like and indecisive minded. They are concerned about learning, respectful always-loving teachers and associates They are passionate, feared, wealthy, lovable, and educated in construction, royal and good at management. They are nice spoken, clever and loving to their mother.

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