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Naming a Company or Organization

Naming a Company or Organization

Yes, we know that you have best management experts; you have support of the market and no one can challenge your foresight and pinpointed planning; but why don’t you also avail the divine support, in the form of ‘ Numerology’, just in the manner big names in the corporate world use to avail. A numerological correct and powerful name always plays a key role in the success of any organization; it has been proved time and again after our extensive research done in the names of biggest names in the corporate world.

What you have to do is to fill up the form and send us a few names of your choice. We will evaluate all the options given by you and recommend the most success inducing and numerological correct name of your company. However, we hasten to add here that

  • Since, ‘Numerology’ is the only system of Numerology in the world, which considers nature of core business of the company, the products manufactured by it and other key factors about it, at the time of  finalizing a powerful  name;  we expect that you fill all the details in the form in as detail as possible.
  • If  ‘’® is not sure about exact character of your company or organization, we may inquire further. You should appreciate that we are taking so much pain just to provide you most powerful name.
  • It may be possible that we reject all the names suggested by you for your company and you might have to resubmit more options. No matter how much you may like names chosen by you, we will not recommend them unless befitting our stringent parameters.
  • Once, a name is finalized, you are not supposed to do even a minor spelling change in that, as it may alter whole character and impact of the name finalized by us.
.To obtain Numerology Service/Analysis, please fill the given form :
   If you have any Vision Document or Policy Document about the company/ Organization, please mail us. It will facilitate us in our work.
    Service: Naming a Company
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Company or Organization Detail
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Sector in which working
If Manufacturing – give the details of the products manufactured by you
If Service- Exact nature of services offered by you
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