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Name your baby

This is the best Name-Choice you can give to your newly born baby. A numerological correct name will not only make your baby happy, healthy and more confident, but it will also support her mental, physical and psychological growth. We had checked the names of many celebrities and famous personalities e.g. Politicians, film super stars and business tycoons and found that all are bestowed with numerological correct and powerful names. Now, you can empower your baby in the same manner.
What you have to do is to fill up the form and send us some names of your choice. We will evaluate all the options given by you and recommend the most suitable numerological correct name of your baby. However, we hasten to add here that

a: It may be possible that we reject all the names suggested by you for your baby and you might have to resubmit more options. No matter how much you may like names chosen by you, we will not recommend them unless befitting our stringent parameters.

b: Once, a name is finalized, you are not supposed to do even a minor spelling change in that, as it may alter whole character and impact of the name finalized by us.

c: We do not support the idea of starting names from a particular syllable on the basis of day of birth, zodiac sign or Moon Nakshatra, as we did not find it practical, scientific or rational. However, if you are interested in the same, just ask us, we will provide you it FREE.

To obtain Numerology Service/Analysis, please fill the given form :
    Service: Name your baby
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Note: Question should be asked against 1 horoscope only. The delivery will be done through email within a week.
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