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Naming a Film or TV Serial

Best story and screenplay, possibly original; best star cast; most liberal producer; most imaginative Director; best talent for music, dance and drama; and the end result. Your creative dream is being counted among the most flops of the year. Avoid that debacle. We have done extensive researches in the names of blockbusters and, you believe it or not, also in the names of flops and duds and to our amazement; we found significant correlation between success of the films or serials and numerological appropriateness of their names. On the basis of our findings in our research, we have tried to amend and perfect erstwhile numerological principles and probably this is the reason, we are getting miraculous results. When the Czarina of Indian soap operas launched her most ambitious project based on Mythology, against the backdrop of her string of successes, we immediately predicted just on the basis of its name that the project is going to bomb..
Our advice, when there is so much on stake; take also support of this divine science. It will cost you very little, but may pay you immensely.
What you have to do is to fill up the form and send us a few names of your choice. We will evaluate all the options given by you and recommend the most success inducing and numerological correct name of the film or serial. However, we hasten to add here that

  • Since, ‘Astro Vedic Numerology’ is the only system of Numerology in the world, which considers basic genre of your film or serial, target viewers and other key factors, at the time of finalizing a powerful name; we expect that you fill all the details in the form in as detail as possible.
  •’  is not sure about the details provided by you regarding basic theme of your film or serial and other relevant factors, we may inquire further. You should appreciate that we are taking so much pain just to provide you most powerful name.
  • It may be possible that we reject all the names suggested by you for your film or serial and you might have to resubmit more options. No matter how much you may like names chosen by you, we will not recommend them unless befitting our stringent parameters.
  • Once, a name is finalized, you are not supposed to do even a minor spelling change in that, as it may alter whole character and impact of the name finalized by us.
To obtain Numerology Service/Analysis, please fill the given form :
    Service: Naming a Film & Serial
    $ 842.52
Personal Information of the most key person, if there is someone like that
Name *
Gender * Male   Female   Transsexual
Martial Status * Married    Unmarried   Widow / Widower Divorced   Live in
Birth details If Avaiable
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Contact Detail *
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Programme Detail
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Genre of the film or serial *
Target viewer *
Any other fact, you feel, is important *
Your Chosen Names (Maximum 10) :
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Note: Question should be asked against 1 horoscope only. The delivery will be done through email within a week.
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