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Shraaddh/ Performance of Rites to Honor the Deceased (Narayan bali) Yagya

Performance of Rites to Honor the Deceased (Narayan bali)Yagya Superior

What is Narayan Bali?

The Narayan Bali Yagya / Puja, also called Shraddha Karma is performed after the death of a blood relative to help the deceased to continue evolving. However, it can be performed by anyone for the benefit of any other person. Narayan Bali Yagya / Puja cost is adjusted according to the duration of the Yagya.

Many persons ask us How to perform Narayan Bali Puja or Yagya, but we want to inform here that the whole process of Narayan Bali Yagya / Puja is highly complicated and should be performed by some expert only. If you intend to perform Shraddha of  your deceased relative or want to pacify soul of some relative with Narayan Bali Yagya / Puja, then browse our website and book online Narayan Bali Yagya.

Narayan Bali Yagya / Puja, or Shraddha Karma is highly recommended in case of Pitri Dosh due to some specific combination in your horoscope or otherwise.

The Pitra dosha is likely to happen for the following reasons-

  • The soul of our ancestors or the dead ancestors does not get peace.
  • Due to the bad doings in the past life.
  • Due to the bad doings of children.
  • Due to the lack in the fulfillment of parental wishes.
  • Due to the unexpected or unnatural death.
  • Due to improper respect of the ancestors.
  • Due to some of the desires that are, connect with the soul of the ancestors.

In the Narayan Bali Puja procedure, dead ancestors are worshipped with full dedication, so that their spirit can rest in peace. If any of their wishes are left unfulfilled, then these wishes are to be fulfilled by the individual who is performing Narayan Bali Shraadh. During the Narayan Bali pooja Vidhi the fruits, coconut, ghee, betel leaves and sweets are offered to the divinity. Then the Prasad is donated.

On this day, Brahmans needs to be called at residence and are offered food at home, so that they can bestow blessings. Clothes, grains, rice is distributed among the needy people to get utmost profit.

Narayan Bali Puja is very helpful as all the problems are removed and the person leads the very happy life without any fear in the nighttime. All the doshas / anomalies are removed from the head of a person so that the success of the person is not stopped.

Benefits of Shraaddh or Performance of rites to honor the deceased (Narayan Bali) Yagya 

There are several benefits of the Narayan Bali Puja and they are-

  • Ancestors will remain rest in peace after this Yagya.
  • Family is secured from all the bad spirits after performance of rites to honor the deceased (Narayan Bali) Yagya.
  • Negative effect of Pitri Dosh in the horoscope is nullified.
  • Blessings of ancestors are secured.
  • Fear of bad dreams comes to end.
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